Kim Min-wook, who led the team’s winning streak, “I am motivated by the D-League”

Thanks to Kim Min-wook’s performance, KT succeeded in winning two consecutive games.

Suwon KT won 95-86 against Seoul SK in the 2022 KBL D League held at LG Champions Park in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do on the 13th.

Kim Min-wook (205cm, C) renewed his career high score that day. His previous record was 32 points, but he met SK and scored 41 points.

He scored 6 points by targeting his opponent’s paint zone from the first quarter. Also, he doesn’t overdo it and monitors the movements of his teammates. As a result, he recorded 6 points and 2 assists in the first quarter.

And he led the team’s offense, scoring 11 points alone in the second quarter. Even in the third quarter, Kim Min-wook’s fingertips were hot. This time he scored not only from inside the net but also from outside. He attempted 5 3-pointers and made 3 of them. And he also added 4 points under the goal. In particular, he made it 72-73 through a 3-point shot 3 seconds before the end of the quarter. Kim Min-wook scored 14 points alone in the third quarter.

And in the fourth quarter, he scored 10 points alone. He scored every crucial moment and helped his team win. And 2 minutes and 35 seconds before the end of the game, he hit a 3-point shot to win the game.

Kim Min-wook, whom we met after the game, said, “To be honest, I was a little uncomfortable during the game. Early in the game, (Kim) Seung-won, a senior in college, was injured. So he continued to care. It wasn’t easy for Seungwon hyung to say he was fine. I hope that the opposing team or our team can finish the season without injury,” he said. 토토사이트

He continued, “I’ve been playing the D-League since last year, and I’m thinking a lot. The enthusiasm of our team, the opposing team, and the young players is amazing. He rushes to catch a loose ball and works hard in every way. So I am also more motivated. There are times when I get lazy myself, but thanks to that, I can solve it.”

“Actually, young players or players who can’t play a lot in the regular season train together, but they want to play. However, the D-League fills the Leeds of these players. It seems to be a good league in many ways,” he said, evaluating the D-League.

Kim Min-wook is a veteran in KT’s D-League team. And I try to digest that role both skillfully and mentally. Kim Min-wook said, “There are many young players on the team, so there are many times when they try to attack themselves. In that case, I will go ahead and talk. In particular, when the tempo is too fast or the pass does not turn, I talk a lot with the players,” he said, revealing his sense of responsibility as a veteran.

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