Kim Min-jae buyout… New provision revealed “Top club offer is 98 billion”

Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) buyout was in two stages. Big clubs have to pay more to trigger Kim Min-jae’s buyout.

Italian transfer market expert Gianluca di Marzio said on the 30th (Korean time), “There is no buyout for Hvica Kvarachhelia, but there is a buyout for Minjae Kim. Minjae Kim’s buyout clause consists of two parts.” said.

Kim Min-jae left Fenerbahce last summer and joined Napoli. He reportedly signed a 3+2 year deal and there was a buyout메이저놀이터. According to reports so far, Kim Min-jae’s buyout was 50 million euros (approximately 70.5 billion won) if he moved to a foreign team.

The undisclosed Kim Min-jae buyout clause was known. ‘Gianluca di Marzio’ said, “If it is not the top club, it is 50 million euros. But the top club needs 70 million euros to trigger Kim Min-jae’s buyout.”

Kim Min-jae was also unrivaled in Serie A, Italy, the home of defense. Even in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League, he showed off his monster defense talent and was evaluated as world class. With Europe’s top defense, large clubs, including Manchester United, were eyeing Kim Min-jae.

As is known, Napoli intends to offer Kim Min-jae a new contract. ‘Gianluca di Marzio’ also said, “Napoli is preparing a new contract for Kim Min-jae, and we are reviewing the direction of removing or raising the buyout amount.”

However, the transfer rumors surrounding Kim Min-jae were quite burdensome. When asked about the transfer rumor during the A match in March, he replied, “It’s not true at all. I really want to concentrate, but I can’t. Even if I try not to pay attention, I can’t stop. It’s very inconvenient.”

He also had a lot of responsibility in his national team, including rumors of his transfer. Recently, through his social network service (SNS), Kim Min-jae said, “I felt burdened by the situation in which the weight of the national team, which was just fun, was gradually increasing. Mental breakdown is the burden on the pitch, the responsibility that I must always do well, and conceding points as a defender.” I wanted to say that I felt disappointed when I did it, and that it was difficult.

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