“KIM is good, but what is the best in the world… “Italy commentator, ‘skewed gaze’ at Kim Min-jae

An Italian commentator refuted manager Luciano Spalletti’s statement that Kim Min-jae is the world’s best centre-back. 

Italian media ‘Area Napoli’ reported on the 14th (Korean time), “Claudio Onofri talked about Hvitza Kvarachhelia with Kim Min-jae스포츠토토.” 

Onofri is a commentator who has experienced both player and manager in Italian Serie A, and was active in Genoa during his active career. He currently works as a commentator for Sky Sports in Italy.

According to the Area Napoli report, Onofri evaluated Kvarachhelia and Kim Min-jae, who are regarded as Napoli’s successful recruits this season. 

Onofri first said of Kvarachhelia, “I saw Kvarachhelia firsthand, and I judged that his potential is at the level of a champion. I like him, he watches his teammates and doesn’t play alone. His dribbling is in the direction of the opponent. It distracts,” he praised. 

Regarding Kim Min-jae, he refuted Spalletti’s recent comments.

In a recent interview, coach Spalletti praised Kim Min-jae, saying, “Min-jae Kim does at least 20 amazing things in one game. I truly think he is the best central defender in the world.” 

Onofri said, “Is Kim Min-jae the best center back in the world right now? Let’s not exaggerate.” 

He added: “Instead, we should congratulate director Cristiano Giun Toli, because he was involved in the great success of the Napoli transfer window.” 

Onofri admitted that he was a good defender for Kim Min-jae. He acknowledged Kim Min-jae’s excellent skills, saying, “A lot of people bet that Kim Min-jae will play like this? He’s excellent, tall and fast. He’s a neat tackler. He’s definitely a good defender.” 

After Spalletti’s remarks about the world’s best centre-back, various Italian media outlets are criticizing Kim Min-jae. If Kim Min-jae achieves great results in Naples after the end of this season and proves his defensive power, there will be no doubt that he will be regarded as the best center back in the world.

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