K4 League Jeonju Citizens Soccer Team clashed with Busan I-Park Futures on the 16th, ‘2 consecutive wins challenge’

Jeonju Citizens Soccer Team will challenge for 2 consecutive wins in the K4 League.

On the 14th, the Jeonju Civic Soccer Team 온라인바카라(hereinafter referred to as Jeonju) announced that they would play the 7th round of the K4 League with Busan I-Park Futures at Jeonju Sports Complex at 2:00 pm on the 16th.

Jeonju is showing attacking football, scoring 13 goals this season and recording 2 goals per game. Signature striker Kim Do-hyeong is ranked 4th in scoring with 4 goals, and Yang Tae-ryeol, who is recording 4 assists, is ranked 1st in the assist category.

However, the performance is not good due to problems such as defensive organization. Jeonju is currently in 15th place in the league (5 points) and is experiencing an unexpected slump.

As this game is a home game, Jeonju plans to secure a bridgehead to enter the mid-table with two consecutive wins in the league through various tactics and attack soccer.

Kim Do-hyeong and Kim Tae-young will attack, Yang Yang-ryeol, Lee Young-chan, Shin Yun-ho, and Choi Kang-hee coordinate offense and defense in midfield. In

defense, Sim Won-seong, Kim Chang-soo, Jang Kyung-ho, and Park Gwang-yoon start, and Kim Seon-guk guards the goal.

Yang Young-cheol, coach of the Jeonju Citizens Football Team, said, “We are recording somewhat disappointing results due to organizational problems at the beginning of the season,” but “We will give fun and pleasure to the fans by winning with great firepower as we meet Busan I’Park Futures at home.

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