“Just say you’re pregnant and you got hit”: Incheon parking lot assault recording released

The case of a former bodybuilder who brutally assaulted a woman in her 30s while arguing over parking in an apartment parking lot in Incheon has taken a new turn.

While the police are investigating the case as a “double assault,” as the former bodybuilder claimed that he and his pregnant wife were also assaulted, a video obtained exclusively by Newsis shows his wife saying, “I’m pregnant, so I’ll just say I got hit,” in a recording.

In the five-minute, 21-second video and transcript released by Newsis, an argument begins and Mr. A calls for help from bystanders. The new video also shows Mr. B’s wife saying, “Call the police, I’m pregnant, I’ll just say I got hit.” Mr. B then proceeds to assault Ms. A indiscriminately메이저놀이터.

Mr. B continued the assault despite his wife’s pleas, even spitting on the fallen woman.

As a result of the assault, Mr. A was diagnosed with six weeks of dislocation, including broken ribs and a ruptured disc in his back.

A police official said, “We are looking at the video footage taken at the scene for an accurate investigation.” “Since Mr. B is now claiming it was a two-way assault, we will hold a deliberation committee to determine the victim and the perpetrator after completing both investigations.”

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