‘Just 1 goal’, but it means more than one point…The 39-year-old veteran’s will for victory shown to the team

, it seems that he is a player who has not performed well. But sometimes there are values ​​that cannot be measured in records or numbers. KGC Ginseng Corporation Han Songi is such an existence.

KGC Ginseng Corporation won the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division 4th round away match against Heungkuk Life Insurance held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 25th with Jeong Ho-young, who played the best game of his personal career with 21 points including 3 blocking points, with a set score of 메이저놀이터

It was an important game that both teams needed to win. KGC Ginseng Corporation was an opportunity to pull down GS Caltex to advance to spring volleyball and rise to fourth place, and Heungkuk Life Insurance was a golden opportunity to take away the first place Hyundai E&C.

So, both teams showed amazing concentration from the first set, and played a close game with reversals over and over again. As there is a saying that volleyball is a setter game, the condition of the setter is very important. The first set was important to Yeom Hye-sun, who often showed a wavering appearance when she lost confidence this season. KGC Ginseng Corporation was slightly ahead with Elisabeth’s open attack and Go Eui-jeong’s sub-ace, and Han Song-i replaced them.

In the set point chance, Yeom Hye-sun boldly tossed Han Song-i outside the left antenna, and Han Song-i jumped up and broke through the high wall guarded by Yelena and Lee Joo-ah and succeeded in scoring. When Han Song-i succeeded in scoring as an outsider hitter rather than a middle blocker, KGC Ginseng Corporation coach Koh Hee-jin and his colleagues celebrated with joy by raising his arms high. In particular, Yeom Hye-sun was the first to run and hug and congratulate. This goal became the source of confidence to win the day.

Han Song-i was once the best outsider hitter in the V-League. As soon as he joined the Korea Expressway Corporation in the first round of 2002, he won the Rookie of the Year title, and in the 2007-2008 season, he overtook foreign players to become the top scorer and dominated the V-League.

However, he hasn’t been deployed on the wing for a while since he changed his position to a middle blocker. However, during the second set of the match against Pepper Savings Bank on the 19th, she replaced Chae Seon-ah as a wing striker and made a surprise performance by scoring 3 points in a row. And in the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 25th, he succeeded in scoring as an outsider hitter.

There are few business trip opportunities, but Han Songi does his best in the given situation. He sacrifices himself by throwing his whole body, crossing positions even in the operation for one point. In Han Song-i’s sacrificial spirit, the juniors showed fighting spirit and fought fiercely for rankings for spring volleyball, resulting in victory against the strong Heungkuk Life Insurance.

KGC Ginseng Corporation ran for 3 consecutive wins, 11 wins and 13 losses (35 points), equaling the 3rd place Korea Expressway Corporation and taking a step closer to the goal of spring volleyball.

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