“Joint in early May”… 650,000 dollars invested, thousands and thousands of horses, finally take off the veil

“I think I will probably be able to join in early May.”

The return schedule for Dylan Pyle (27), the second starter the Doosan Bears have been waiting for, has finally been set. Dylan has been concentrating on rehabilitation after suffering a bone bruise in an unexpected accident in February during spring training. As a result of Dylan’s CT scan at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital on the 18th, he heard that there was no problem with exercise or pitching. Dylan himself does not feel any pain, so he is scheduled to start a practice match with Yeoncheon Miracle, an independent club, on the 20th to check the actual game.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop greatly welcomed Dylan’s return when the timing of Dylan’s return was decided prior to the match against Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 19th. Coach Lee said, “Both the team and our coaching staff put the health of the players first without any rush, and they are enduring well so far. Kim Dong-joo is doing enough duty as a substitute starting pitcher, so the team is enduring well now, but if Dylan If he comes, I think our team will be able to build a little better power,” he replied with a smile.

Dylan aims to make his KBO League debut early next month. He has pitched in the bullpen four times so far, raising the number of pitches to메이저놀이터 61 in the last bullpen pitching he did on the 16th. Dylan plans to pitch about 30 pitches in the match against Yeoncheon Miracle and confirm the schedule for the Futures League game while checking his condition after pitching in the actual game.

Coach Lee said, “If you throw about two times in the Futures League and look at the condition and say it’s okay, I think you can join in early May. I guess I’ll have to figure it out,” he said.

When Dylan joins, the Doosan starters as well as the bullpen can breathe. In fact, the starting lineup is stable with Raul Alcantara, Choi Won-joon, and Kwak Bin, and even Choi Seung-yong and Kim Dong-ju, who joined the starting rotation for the first time this time, are doing their part faithfully.

The problem is the bullpen. Except for Pil Seung-jo, Jeong Cheol-won, and Hong Kun-hee, there are not enough pitchers who can give a sense of security to ‘block unconditionally’. The Doosan Bullpen’s ERA is 5.23, which is 9th in the league. Dylan should take over the starting position, and one of Choi Seung-yong and Kim Dong-ju should join the bullpen to prevent mound overload.

Doosan is barely holding on, maintaining a win rate of 50% with 8 wins and 7 losses in 15 games played this season. The starting pitchers are coming to the mound with the intention of holding out until Dylan returns.

Choi Won-joon emphasized, “I think if we win a lot before Dylan comes, we will be able to throw comfortably when Dylan comes. If we make it easy to throw when Dylan comes, we will be able to make it into the top 5.” I guessed how big it was.

Dylan showed off his outstanding breaking ball ability from the Australian spring camp. Dylan uses a variety of breaking pitches, including a curveball, changeup, and slider.

It wasn’t long before Dylan was unveiled. Will Dylan, who has recovered from his injury, help Doosan feel the worth of waiting for nearly two months by overcoming the trauma of hitting the ball and developing a pitch that has grown even more?

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