Join the Youth Leap Account from today… If interest rates fall, you can’t save 50 million won.

 As the highest interest rate for the Youth Leap Account, the representative youth pledge product of President Yoon Seok-yeol, was lowered to 6% per year, the project to make a lump sum of 50 million won also took an emergency. In fact, it was found that it would be impossible to raise 50 million won even if the base interest rate fell by only 25 basis points three years later.

According to the financial sector, the highest interest rate for the youth leap account product finally announced on the 14th was 6% per year. Industrial Bank of Korea, which offered the highest interest rate in the first disclosure, offered the same base rate of 4.5% as in the first disclosure (6.5%), but lowered the overall interest rate by 50bp by adjusting the prime rate from 1.5% to 1%.

Conversely, the five major commercial banks, including KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, Hana Bank, Woori Bank, and Nonghyup Bank, raised the base rate to 4.5% and lowered the prime rate from 2% to 1% to set the overall interest rate at 6%. It is interpreted that IBK was concerned about a concentration of funds that could occur if the interest rate is maintained at 6.5%.

As the maximum interest rate of the Youth Leap Account has been lowered from 6.5% to 6% per year, the amount of money that young people can finally collect has also changed. For example, we imagined a case where a young man with an annual salary of 24 million won paid 700,000 won per month to a youth leap account and received a maximum contribution of 24,000 won each month.

Originally, when the final interest rate was 6.5% per year, this young man could have received 50,549,507 won assuming no change in interest rates for five years. However, as the final interest rate becomes 6% per year, under the same conditions (fixed for 5 years), you will receive 50,015,323 won, which is less than 530,000 won. However, this does not actually happen because it is assumed that there is no change in the Youth Leap Account interest rate for 5 years.

In particular, assuming the actual case where the interest rate메이저놀이터 fluctuates after 3 years, assuming that the base rate is lowered by 0.25% point (25bp) under the same conditions and ‘a fixed rate of 6% per annum for 3 years followed by a floating rate of 5.75% for 2 years’ is applied. , the total amount this young man can receive is reduced to 49,839,502 won. Even if the base rate goes down by only 25 basis points, it will be difficult to make a lump sum of 50 million won at the highest annual interest rate of 6%. The floating interest rate of the Youth Leap Account is adjusted by the change in the base rate from the fixed-term interest rate. The base rate changes by the amount of the change in the base rate.

This amount is also close to 50 million won, but it is true that the final receipt falls below 50 million won. This is based on a conservative assumption that the Bank of Korea base rate was cut by 25bp at some point during the three-year fixed rate period and that there were no additional changes in the base rate during the two-year floating rate period. This is because it is assumed that the base rate will be cut only once (25bp) over the next three years.

On the other hand, if the highest interest rate is 6.5% per year, even if the base rate drops by 25bp, you will receive 50,373,685 won, so 50 million won will not collapse. Although it is difficult to predict future interest rates, we assumed a case where the base rate declines by accepting the fact that there are many observations of future base rate cuts at this point in time.

Assuming that the maximum interest rate of the Youth Leap Account is maintained at 6% per year and the base rate is lowered by 50bp, the amount that this young man can receive will be further reduced to 49,663,682 won. An official from the financial sector said, “It is true that from the bank’s point of view, the longer the fixed interest rate period, the greater the burden, but from the point of view of young people who subscribe to products, the shorter the fixed interest rate period, the less benefits.”

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