Jeong, Jung, eats and sleeps well…even in detention centers…and is overly ‘carefree’

Jung Yoo-jeong, who murdered and abandoned her peers, is now in custody. Over the weekend, it was revealed that she had falsely told the police that there was another culprit.

Reporter Kook Seok-chan reports on what she looked like in the detention center.


After leaving the police station, Jung Jung-jeong apologized.

[Jung Yoo Jung-jeong: I’m really sorry to the victims and bereaved families].

Since her arrest on March 27, Jung has been changing her story.

She said there was a separate culprit, then changed her words to accidental murder.

As evidence kept coming out that she couldn’t escape, she confessed that she “wanted to kill.

He kept his head down, but that’s why his sincerity was questioned.

Jung, who reportedly didn’t waver much during his time in jail last week.

Usually, suspects in big cases like murder show agitated attitudes and behaviors, but not Jung Yoo-jeong.

[Police official: (showing anxiety) She didn’t have any of that메이저놀이터… {She’s a good eater, right?]

He ate three meals a day and slept well.

He was said to be overly nonchalant in the cell.

There are also suspicions that he is changing his story again to get a reduced sentence.

[Jung Jung-jeong: {Did he try to disguise it as a missing person’s case} I think he was out of his mind].

Given her statement that she enjoyed watching crime shows, it’s possible.

Prosecutors have assembled a task force to try to uncover a motive for the crime.

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