Jeong In-deok and Lim Dong-seop responded to coach Cho Sang-hyun’s wishes, “We have to score.”

 Jeong In-deok and Lim Dong-seop responded to director Cho Sang-hyun’s wishes.

2nd place Changwon LG, which has consistently maintained a high ranking this season, is showing somewhat sluggish performance in the 6th round. On the 18th, they won a sweaty victory by 1 point against Seoul Samsung, the lowest place without a single foreign player, and on the 19th, Wonju DB suffered an unexpected blow. On the 23rd, in the 9th place Daegu Korea Gas Corporation match, he was dragged throughout the game and managed to win.

The 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Suwon KT and Changwon LG’s 6th round confrontation held at Suwon KT Sonic Boom Arena on the 25th. Before the game, LG coach Cho Sang-hyun opened up about the recent poor performance메이저놀이터.

Coach Cho Sang-hyun said, “The defense is going well. I feel that (Yoon) Won-sang, (Jung) In-deok, and (Lim) Dong-seop should score from their positions. It seemed that the players were under pressure and lacked confidence. I want you to take responsibility for 15 to 20 points in total.”

Jeong In-deok and Lim Dong-seop responded to Jo Sang-hyun’s wind before the game. First, Jung In-deok played for 30 minutes, scoring 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist. When he had a chance, he tried to shoot with confidence and was actively involved in rebounding. On defense, he followed KT’s ace Yang Hong-seok tenaciously.

Lim Dong-seop recorded 5 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist in 10 minutes in the 2nd quarter. Although the playing time was not long, he tried two field shots, including one 3-point shot, which was his long-term goal, and both were successful. Here, I came out doing my share with rebounds and assists.

With ace Lee Jae-do, Jeong In-deok and Lim Dong-seop scoring, LG took the lead from the beginning of the game. In the 4th quarter, KT struggled against Yang Hong-seok and Kim Jun-hwan’s counterattack, but it did not waver. Assem Marey grabbed a series of offensive rebounds from under the goal, scored a goal, and won 85-80.

After the game, coach Cho Sang-hyun said of Jeong In-deok and Lim Dong-seop, “They did well enough. It’s not that each wants 10 to 15 points. It is easy to manage the game if you defend and just shoot from a chance,” he said positively.

However, he expressed regret about Yoon Won-sang. Yun Won-sang only competed in 6 minutes and 30 seconds that day, leaving no special record. Compared to being mentioned as a candidate for the Skill Development Award at the beginning of the season, it seems that his condition has fallen a lot recently.

Director Jo Sang-hyun said, “Won Sang-i has a lot of self-confidence. He said, “I will try to make it once so that I can bring it to a good condition through a meeting.

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