Jeju climber “Challenge 13 out of 14 Himalayas… Makalu Expedition”

The Jeju climber’s 14 메이저놀이터Himalayan 8,000m grade project is coming to an end.

The Jeju Island Alpine Federation (Chairman Byun Tae-bo) announced on the 23rd that it will hold a launching ceremony for the 2023 Jeju Makalu (8,463m) expedition in Agentopiore, Jeju-si on the 24th and leave for a two-month expedition.

Beginning with the ascent of Mount Everest (8,848m), among the 14 Himalayan 8,000m-class climbers, Jeju climbers have completed 12 climbs so far.

Following the successful ascent of Everest, Jeju alpinists have climbed K2 (8,611m), Lhotse (8,518m), Cho Oyu (8,203m), Dhaulagiri (8,169m), Manaslu (8,165m), and Nanga Parbat (8,128m). ), Annapurna (8,092 m), Gasher Brom 1 (8,070 m), Broad Peak (8,48 m), Gasher Brom 2 (8,036 m), and Shishapangma (8,27 m).

Following the ascent of the 13th Makalu, only the last 14th Kanchenjunga (8,588m) remains.

The expedition team includes Byeon Tae-bo (Jeju YMCA Mountaineering Association) leader, Cho Moon-yong (Jeju Ace Climbing Association) expedition leader, Kim Dong-jin (Jeju YMCA Mountaineering Association) climbing leader, Kang Seong-chun (Jeju Mountaineering Association) member, Park Seong-min (Jeju Island Sky Mountaineering Association) member, Moon Jeong-sik (Jeju Island Mountaineering Association) member. Alpine Club) members and Lee Pae-pae-l (Korea Seoram Mountaineering Association) will participate.

In addition, 12 members of the promotion committee, including Koh Dong-rin, the chairman of the promotion committee, will be together for this Makalu expedition.

Located in the Himalayan Mountains of Khumbu, Nepal, Makalu is one of the 14 highest peaks in the Himalayas with a height of 8,000 meters and is difficult to climb due to steep slopes and the threat of avalanches.

In particular, the southwestern wall of Makalu is considered one of the most difficult places to climb along with the Rupal Wall of Nanga Parbat.

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