It’s true that it’s difficult, but what you can do best

Even during the Lunar New Year holiday, Daegu FC continues to train in Namhae  after taking two days off, including the day of the Lunar New Year  , and the team is smiling as they maintain good condition despite strong training,  but on the other hand,  concerns about power loss are deepening. New head coach Choi Won-kwon, who has deepened his winter concerns  먹튀검증

after leaving Jeka , a foreign striker, several backup players, and  Jung Tae-wook, the main defensive  player, said, “It is true that it is a little difficult in terms of composition and recruitment. We are working with the coaching staff every day now to make it happen.” He seemed to be concentrating on the team’s homework of finding alternatives  . Yes, it may be a problem that citizen teams always experience  , but it always seems difficult to overcome the homework of the players who leave every winter and  the vacant seats  .

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