It’s scary now… The Mets, who have the overwhelming first place in annual salary, also aimed for Correa

 The existence of the owner who is not afraid of the luxury tax is so frightening. News came out that the New York Mets, who had already exceeded the total projected annual salary of 300 million dollars for next season, were trying to recruit Carlos Correa. It didn’t turn out to be a reality when Correa chose the San Francisco Giants, but it’s surprising that he pushed for the acquisition.

ESPN reporter Jeff Passan reported on the 14th (Korean time) that Correa has agreed to a 13-year, $350 million contract with San Francisco. Before this report came out, the American media made several predictions about the destination of Correa, the largest free agent. One of these was the Mets transfer rumor.

The American The Athletic reported, “According to sources inside the club, the Mets are interested in signing Correa. Correa is likely to play as a shortstop and third baseman along with Puerto Rican native Francisco Lindor.”안전놀이터

An anonymous insider indirectly acknowledged the recruitment drive, saying, “It seems smoke is rising. But I don’t know how big the fire was.”

The Mets have already changed major league history apart from the promotion of Correa. The total expected annual salary for next season is a whopping $345 million. Including new acquisitions and renewals, large amounts of money were spent on free agent contracts such as Edwin Dias, Justin Verlander, Senga Godai, and Brandon Nemo. Including the penalty for exceeding the luxury tax standard, 420 million dollars will have to be spent on the ransom of the players next year.

Still, it didn’t stop here. If the Mets had given Correa a contract equal to San Francisco’s, his salary total for next season would have soared to about $372 million.

Cohen’s Mets are in a whole different world. “The Mets’ move to sign Correa may feel like an overreach, but Cohen has already stretched what owners can spend,” the Athletic said.

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