It’s already been 1 year since ‘that day’… When will we see the ‘look-alike long hitter’ Yoon Eana vs. Bang Shin-sil

Currently, Bang Shin-sil (19) ranks first in the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour 2023 season drive distance category. He averages 260.64 yards and ranks first. Bang Sin-sil not only drives distance, but also ranks 1st in average birdies (4.06), 1st in green hit rate (79.62%), and 1st in tee shot probability of 280 yards or more (24.15%). He is showing off his best skills in various fields where he can make the most of the advantage of a long hitter.

There is a player whose KLPGA tour record for the 2022 season overlaps with Bang Shin-sil’s current record. This is Yoon Ina (20), who received a severe punishment of suspension for three years for a serious rule violation at the DB Group Korea Women’s Open last year.

It may not be possible to make an accurate comparison as she has not competed in the tournament since August, but at the end of last year’s season, Yoon ranked first in drive distance (263.45 yards), first in average birdies (3.91), first in green hit rate메이저놀이터 (79.62%), 1st place (23.46%) in the tee shot 280 yards or more.

Some golf fans may feel that it is out of the blue, but the reason I am mentioning Yuna right now is not just because it is similar to Bang Shin-sil’s record. This is because this week is the time when the DB Group Korea Women’s Open, the tournament that Yoon Ina had a terrible nightmare last year, is held.

June 16 last year. On the first day of the DB Group Korea Women’s Open, ’19-year-old Yoon Ina’ makes a choice she will regret for the rest of her life. It was not an intentional violation of the rules. However, even after realizing that the ball she found in the rough wasn’t hers, she didn’t inform her in time, and after a month, she belatedly reported it. And Yoon Ina, who rose as a brilliant star while winning the Evercollagen Queens Crown, which ended on July 17, has been falling to the bottom of an unknown abyss since she received a heavy punishment of her three-year suspension.

His fall that started after ‘that day’ has not stopped yet. Along with her Ever Collagen Queen’s Crown win, Yoon Ina’s world ranking, which once rose to 67th, has now dropped to 134th. As time passed, she and his ranking would continue to plummet without wings.

Currently, Yuna is not in Korea. She’s been honing her shots on faraway American soil, eagerly awaiting the day she’ll return to the field someday. The will to come back is still strong, but there are not a few fans who are concerned that his body and mind may get tired early. Although the body may be able to endure the hardships to some extent, the pain in the heart is not difficult for a young player who has just turned 20 to endure.

Now, ‘that day’ will be a year in a few days. At this point, there are voices coming out from here and there asking whether it is necessary to release Yoon Ina, who is now having a time of self-reflection. Many golf fans expected Yoon Ina to be released after a year or so when she received a three-year suspended sentence. There is also the case of Bio Kim, who was sentenced to three years of severe punishment and then lifted the punishment after about a year.

Just in time, the Korea Golf Association also had a new head and a new start. Kang Hyung-mo, president of Yuseong Country Club, who started his duties as the 20th president of the Korea Golf Association on the 13th, is showing his will to “create an open organization through smooth communication and do his best for the development of golf in Korea.”

Although the scarlet letter is now engraved on Yuna, fans know very well that she will one day become an ace of Korean women’s golf.

When will we see Yuna and Bang Shin-sil form a team to represent Korea on the professional stage, or the two play against each other for a long hit?

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