Indonesian coach Shin Tae-yong, “It’s heartbreaking… the players are in despair” at the U-20 World Cup bid deprivation

Indonesia has been stripped of its bid for the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup scheduled for May.

In response, coach Shin Tae-yong, who currently leads the Indonesia U-20 national team, confessed, “It hurts my heart. I have nothing to say.”

According to CNN Indonesia on the 30th, coach Shin said at a press conference in Jakarta, “It hurts my heart that young players’ dreams and hopes are gone메이저놀이터.”

“It’s a World Cup I’ve been preparing for three and a half years, so I feel complicated and difficult, but how hard our players are,” he said. .

Regarding the atmosphere of the team, Shin said, “As we trained, the players gained confidence and the team was formed as a whole, so we were looking beyond passing the preliminary round.”

He added, “The players are very disappointed and they are having a hard time right now.”

Regarding future plans, coach Shin said, “Even if the right to host is deprived, if the right to advance to the finals is maintained, normal training will begin, but I don’t know yet.

He said, “Right now, it is impossible to train normally because the priority is to stabilize the players’ minds.”

Indonesian players shed tears at the news of the loss of the hosting rights.

Some players expressed their disappointment through SNS, saying, “I poured sweat, time, energy, and blood, but everything flew away in an instant for political reasons.”

Also, many football fans are expressing their disappointment by sending condolence wreaths to the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI).

Ignatius Indro, head of the Indonesian football team’s fan club, said, “Not only the political world, but also the government and PSSI must not interfere with football.”

Indonesia hosted the U-20 World Cup, but when Israel advanced to the finals, anti-Israel public opinion was formed that the Israeli team, which persecutes its Muslim brother country Pakistan, should be denied entry.

In particular, ahead of the election, politicians took advantage of this public opinion and continued the controversy.

Some strong Muslims even threatened to kidnap the Israeli athletes if they entered the country.

As a result, FIFA eventually revoked Indonesia’s lien rights.

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