Incheon’s son and daughter go on a ‘gold hunt’ at the Asian Games

“Three million citizens support the good work of Incheon’s sons and daughters.”

53 athletes from Incheon will participate in the 19th Asian Games (AG) in Hangzhou, China, which opens on the 23rd. These Incheon-based players are expected to raise the honor of Incheon by wearing the Taegeuk symbol and doing their best to win medals at Hangzhou AG.

According to the Incheon City Sports Council on the 11th, 53 national team members and 6 coaches from Incheon will participate in this year’s Hangzhou AG with the goal of winning a total of 15 medals, including 5 gold medals, in 19 events.

Previously, at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang AG, Korean women’s boxing star Oh Yeon-ji (Incheon City Hall) and paraglider Baek Jin-hee (Paragliding Association) won gold medals in the individual event. A total of 32 players participated and won a total of 22 medals, including taking the lead in winning 4 gold medals in team sports such as men’s soccer, baseball, and women’s handball.

In baseball, which is considered a strong candidate for the championship, Park Seong-han (25) and Choi Ji-hoon (26), key players of SSG Landers, were named to the delegation. Korean baseball won gold medals three times in a row, including at the 2010 Guangzhou AG, 2014 Incheon AG, and 2018 Jakarta/Palembang AG.

In particular, Shin Eun-ju (30, female) of the Incheon City Hall handball team will help the women’s national team achieve ‘V8’ by winning this year’s Hangzhou AG. In the men’s national team, Park Young-jun (29, male) and Ha Min-ho (31, male) of the Incheon Urban Development Corporation (iH) handball team will participate.

Shin Eun-joo said, “I will show a good performance as I prepared hard to win the gold medal,” and added, “I will continue to work hard until the day Korea stands at the top of handball.”

In fencing, Jeon Eun-hye (26, Jung-gu Office) competes in the women’s saber individual and team competitions and aims to win two gold medals. After Eunhye Jeon moved to Incheon this year, she achieved good results in the saber team event at the 61st National Men’s and Women’s Championships, so she is interested in securing a golden medal at Hangzhou AG this year.

In canoeing, Incheon City Hall’s Jang Sang-won (30, male) will hunt for medals in the Sprint K-2 500m and Sprint K-4 500m. Jang Sang-won, from the Incheon Coast Guard, won silver medals in the K1-200m and K2-200m at the National Sports Festival last year, and she is aiming for a gold medal at this year’s Hangzhou AG. Ongjin County Office women’s team Kim Da-bin (23), Kim Yeo-jin (24), and Han Sol-hee (22) will participate in the 1,000m dragon boat. In addition, in the dragon boat, Park Cheol-min (24, male) of Incheon City Hall will attempt to win medals in the 200m, 500m, and 1,000m dragon boat.

In soccer, Min Seong-jun (24, male) of the professional soccer K League Incheon United, Kang Chae-rim (25), Kim Jeong-mi (38), Kim Hye-ri (33), Son Hwa-yeon (26), Lee Min-ah (31) and Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels women’s soccer team. Lim Seon-ju (32), Jang Seul-gi (29), Choi Yu-ri (28), and Hong Hye-ji (27) will participate.

In gymnastics, Bae Ram (31, male) of Incheon City Hall and Oh So-seon (16, female) of Incheon Physical Education High School compete with the Taegeuk symbol. Oh So-seon, who is currently attending Incheon Physical Education High School, took first place in the individual competition at the 2023 KBS National Gymnastics Competition as the ‘Daughter of Incheon.’

In addition, the Sepak Takraw women’s team will feature coach Kim Moo-jin (44) from the Sports Association, as well as Bae Han-ul (33), Wi Ji-seon (26), and Jeon Gyu-mi (28). Previously, the women’s national team placed second in Jakarta and Palembang AG, won the world championship last year, and is aiming to win the Hangzhou AG.

The men’s hockey team includes Kim Jeong-hoo (31), Kim Hyeong-jin (28), and Jeong Man-jae (32) from the National Sports Association, as well as the women’s team Ahn Hyo-joo (35), Lee Jin-min (29), and Choi Su-ji (30). Both the men’s and women’s hockey teams are aiming to win medals at this event. In basketball, Lee Gyeong-eun (36) and Da-yeon Lee (21) of the Incheon Shinhan Bank S-Bird women’s basketball team joined the national team.

In badminton, the women’s team of Incheon International Airport Skymons badminton team, including Kim So-young (31), Lee So-hee (29), and Chae Yu-jeong (28), will participate in the individual and team events respectively and will hunt for medals. In table tennis, Yang Ha-eun (29, female) of the POSCO Energy women’s table tennis team will take part. Yang Ha-eun took first place in the individual event and second place in the team event at the 103rd National Sports Festival Women’s General Division, and is expected to place third in this year’s competition as well.

In the softball women’s team match, Coach Noh Jong-woo (54) of the National Sports Association, Kim Soo-bin (23), Kim A-young (23), Park Min-kyung (23), Lee Gyeong-min (27), Jang Se-jin (24), Jeong Song-hee (23), Jin Joo-i (24), Choi Hana 9 people, including (28), have joined the national team and are aiming for a medal. They also took second place in the women’s baseball and softball division at last year’s National Sports Festival.안전놀이터

In swimming, Jo Eun-bi (25, female) of Incheon City Hall is showing signs of performance. Jo Eun-bi, a 15-year veteran of the national team and known as a ‘legend of the diving world,’ will challenge the 10m platform synchro. Since her first national team selection in 2009 when she was a middle school student, she has worn the Taegeuk flag for a whopping 15 consecutive years, and teamed up with her sister Eunji Jo to win a gold medal in the women’s 3m synchronized diving final at last year’s National Sports Festival. .

In squash, Eom Hwa-young (27), a member of the Sports Association, will participate in individual and team competitions. Eom Hwa-young achieved the feat of winning three consecutive titles in the women’s general division at the 3rd Taesan Cup National Squash Championships, and she also won a silver medal at the 103rd National Sports Festival.

Also participating are weightlifter Jeong A-ram (24, female, Incheon City Hall) and judo Jeong Ye-rin (27, female), who belongs to Incheon City Hall. Jeong Ye-rin took first place at the 103rd National Sports Festival -52kg, third place at the 2022 Asian Judo Championships -52kg, and third place at the Mongolian Grand Slang under 52kg last year.

In track and field, Park Won-bin (22, male) and Joo Seung-gyun (22, male) of Korea National Sport University will compete in the 3,000m hurdles and 1,600m relay, respectively. These are the ‘sons of Incheon’ who graduated from Incheon Sports High School, and in the case of Joo Seung-gyun, he took first place in the 400m at the 100th National Sports Festival in 2019. In the triathlon, Kim Ji-yeon (32, female) of the Athletics Association will participate in the mixed relay and individual competition respectively.

In addition, wrestling coach Lim Lim (47, Incheon Environmental Corporation), soft tennis coach Seo Gyu-jae (50, city sports council), sports climbing coach Jeong Hee-seop (38, Incheon Climbing Center), and tennis coach Kim Jeong-bae (58, Incheon City Hall) are also on the national team. provides rear support.

Han Sang-seop, secretary-general of the Korea Sports Association, said, “I hope that the athletes from Incheon participating in this AG will achieve good results,” and added, “I will work with all citizens to support Incheon athletes not only in winning medals but also in doing their best.”

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