In the end, ‘Victor An?’ Seongnam City Hall ice team resumes hiring coaches in April

‘Coach with excellent experience, excellent competence, and ability to communicate’

Seongnam City Hall’s ice team,메이저놀이터 which Viktor Ahn was looking for a new position in January, will once again appoint a coach.

On the 4th, the Hankook Ilbo reported on the news of the ‘resumption of ice coach recruitment in Seongnam’. The media cited a specific date, saying, “(Seongnam) City plans to start a re-competition this month.”

Last January, the coaching position at Seongnam City Hall, which drew attention with Viktor Ahn (Russia) and former coach Kim Seon-tae’s ‘showdown outside the ice rink’, ended with ‘no suitable person’.

At that time, the players of Seongnam City Hall, represented by Choi Min-jung, issued a statement demanding ‘a coach with excellent experience, excellent competence, and communication.’

Accordingly, it is the opinion that the city actively reflects the players’ intentions. If ‘Victor Ahn’ or ‘former coach Kim Seon-tae’, who coached the Chinese national team, applies, it is highly likely that he will have an edge over his competitors.

Regarding the appointment of ‘Victor Ahn’, the people at the time responded enthusiastically, saying, “Does it make sense that Seongnam City Hall, which is operated through taxpayers’ money, goes against the people’s sentiment?”

– The truth behind ‘Victor Ahn’

However, it is known that there was a different reason behind it.

In February, the Kukmin Ilbo reported, “

In the past, the national team was known to have had a factional fight between Korea National University and Non-Korean National University due to factional conflict within the Skating Federation. Inside, there was a factional fight between two figures in power, Mr. J and Mr. Y (source of the Herald Economy). The power struggle between these two is also affecting the appointment of a coach at Seongnam City Hall today.

Therefore, the public needs to pay attention to the appointment of coaches once again. 

As Choi Min-jeong said, we need a coach who can remain as a ‘flawless precedent’ in the development of Korea’s ice skating world, as well as a ‘flawless precedent’ that has nothing to do with the development of the Korean ice world.

In a phone call with this magazine, an official from Seongnam City Hall replied, “The specific recruitment process (schedule and hiring period) has not yet been disclosed, and the date and time of appointment after hiring has not been set.”

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