“I’ll take care of Plan B” Daegu FC, today (4th) 2nd Jeon Hoon-ji departs for Kagoshima, Japan

Daegu FC continues to temper for the opening of the K-League 1. 

Daegu left for Kagoshima, Japan, the site of the second battery training, through Gimhae Airport at 10 am on the 4th. It will stay for 14 days until the 17th, and a total of 26 players will participate. 

Previously, in the first winter field training held in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do (Jan. 2-February 1), Daegu intensively raised its physical strength and organizational power through intensive training. He refined his strength by playing practice matches with professional and college teams more than twice a week. He played a total of 10 practice games, leaving 10 wins, 41 points and 7 runs in 10 matches.

The player who scored the most points 카지노 in the Namhae field training practice match was striker Kim Young-joon, who was recruited from the K3 Pocheon Citizen Soccer Team through the transfer market this winter. He went back and forth between Team A and Team B and played a total of 8 matches, scoring 6 goals and recording the most goals in the team. Striker Park Yong-hee, who is in his second year of professional debut this season, also scored 5 points, and Oh Sung-sung and Ko Jae-hyun also scored 3 goals.

Coach Won-kwon Choi, ahead of the second winter field training, said, “We need time to become one with the players. He has to outline the best member, and he has to have a plan B as well, so he can reduce trial and error during the season. In addition, the time to respond is also faster,” he said. “The homework in Kagoshima off-season training is to make our players have the stamina to run for 90 minutes in a healthy way, and to prepare tactics that match our team color.”

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