If you ask Generation Z these days, “Where do you play?”

As often as “What’s trending these days?”, we hear “Where do you hang out these days?” Not long ago, wine bar alleys selling natural wines, located between Yongsan Station on Seoul Subway Line 1 and Samgakji Station on Line 4, were popular. It is called ‘Yongnidan-gil’. Recently, the hot place is changing to Sindang-dong via Dosan Park and Seongsu-dong in Seoul. However, just because the fad has passed does not mean that Gen Z will not go to that place at all. If a pop-up store of a favorite brand is opened or a movie they like is re-screened, Gen Z will definitely go to a place that feels “obsolete”. As long as there is clear content, it means that you visit certain places regularly.

When the season on the road returns, Euljiro

‘Old Starco’, a taco restaurant in Euljiro, Seoul. [Old Distaco Instagram]
If you have to choose a place that cannot be missed during April and May, it is definitely the Han River and Euljiro. It’s because it’s not easy to eat, drink, and play outside outside this season. Recently, as social distancing has eased, various events and festivals have begun to be held again in the Han River. This change coincided with the warmer weather, and more and more people are outing in the Han River.

Euljiro is as good a place to enjoy the streets as the Han River. This is because there are many long-established stores and outdoor tables with an atmosphere. The old feeling of being called ‘Hipjiro’ has disappeared, but there are still many people who visit Euljiro this season. In addition to this, there is a store that has been raising Euljiro to a hot place for a while now. It is ‘Old Starco’, a taco specialty store. According to the reviews of those who have been there, you can feel the local Mexican taste as it is here. Not only has the season on the street come, but thanks to shops like Old Distaco, Generation Z is returning to Euljiro again.

Pay attention for the next 3 months, Sindang-dong

The interior and exterior of Shindang-dong cocktail bar ‘Jusindang’. [Jinjudang Instagram]
Sindang-dong is actually not a familiar neighborhood even for me, a Gen Z member. In a group chat room with acquaintances, when the word “It’s because of the new party these days” comes up, “Where is the new party?” just did it Then, when I saw a picture of a store, I thought, ‘Oh, this is it.’ Recently, many hip bars in Sindang-dong stand out on social network

services ( SNS ), and one of them is Shindang, a cocktail bar with the concept of Shindang. The shop is decorated with the theme of the zodiac, and from the moment you open the door and enter, you feel as if you are in a real shrine. Because of these characteristics, it is considered as a must-visit bar in Sindang-dong these days. It seems to be more loved by making use of the local characteristics of Sindang-dong, where there are many fortune-telling shops since ancient times. You can also see a lot of Generation Z who certify that they went to this store on

social media . So, if someone asks, “Where do Generation Z play these days?” or if you need to do a new branding targeting Generation Z,메이저놀이터 I would say pay attention to Sindang-dong for at least three months from now.

The Hyundai, which has no choice but to constantly visit

A collaboration between the jewelry branad ‘Stonehenge’ and the fashion brand ‘Kim’s Fruit Shop’. [Stonehenge Instagram]
Among Generation Z living in Seoul, there is probably no one who has never been to The Hyundai in Yeouido, even at least once. Accessibility is not great, but because of the new content that The Hyundai introduces every month, you have to go. Various brand pop-ups continue to attract attention in the early days of opening. Similar places include Dosan Park and Seongsu-dong. All three places give visitors the perception that ‘when I came last month, a pop-up of brand A was in progress, but this time a pop-up of brand B opened.’ It’s about making you feel like you’re having fun.

Recently, shopping malls are also collaborating with artists. Not long ago, Lotte Department Store collaborated with a famous domestic artist, GRAFFLEX , to decorate the exterior of Lotte Young Plaza in Myeong-dong and the streets of Myeong-dong with popping graphics. Jewelry brand ‘Stonehenge’, which has stores in several shopping malls, sells products made in collaboration with ‘Kim’s Fruit Shop’, a fashion brand popular among the MZ generation.

In addition, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon recently launched his own fashion brand ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ .)’ event was held at Samcheong-dong wine bar ‘On 6.5’. Although only a small number of people were invited to attend the event, the number of generation Z who visited the store to experience the same space increased rapidly. In the end, content is the most important thing in order for a place and space to survive and have a steady vitality. It is a fact that no one can deny now that more people go to the shopping mall to enjoy contents such as pop-ups than to buy goods.

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