I was down, but I counterattacked with a choke… Woo Seong-hoon, ‘I lost, but it was hot!’

Woo Seong-hun (31), a mixed martial artist who enjoys losing matches메이저놀이터,

failed to achieve 3 wins at Asia’s largest team ONE Championship, but left a strong impression with his fighting spirit.

Woo Seong-hoon lost 1-2 to Huyung (27, China) at the ‘ONE Fight Night 11’ held at Lumpini Stadium (capacity: 5,000) in Bangkok, Thailand on the 10th. This match was broadcast in Korea as ‘Coupang Play’. 

On the official website of the One Championship, Sunghoon Woo fought fiercely against Huyong throughout the 5-minute × 3-round flyweight match, to the extent that he described it as “a close match, which was as narrow as a single razor.”

All three judges scored that Sunghoon Woo outperformed Huyong in the grappling workshop. He was down by conceding a powerful right hand punch, but was credited with countering with a choke technique called the ‘rear naked choke’.

The One Championship homepage explained how tight Woo Seong-hoon and Huyong were, saying, “There were moments when they were clearly superior to each other while tossing and turning. .

Woo Seong-hoon proved that his ability to manufacture brilliant matches does not discriminate between wins and losses by winning two gold medals in the 2022 One Championship, ‘Comprehensive Martial Arts Shortest Time KO’ and ‘Maximum Incident TOP5’.

Thailand ‘Max Pattaya’

It is regrettable that the upward trend of defeating Wakamatsu Yuya (28, Japan), who has experience in flyweight title matches, with ground and pound in 2 minutes and 46 seconds has stopped. Woo Seong-hoon, who failed to surpass Huyung, is unlikely to enter the One Championship official ranking (TOP5) for the time being.

Conversely, Huyung defeated former champion Geze Eustachio (34, Philippines) with an overhand right KO in the first round, and further strengthened his One Championship flyweight position with a great match and victory with Woo Sung-hoon.

The One Championship homepage added meaning to Huyong’s victory, saying, “In the end, the power shot (which took the down from Woo Sung-hoon) overcame the superiority and inferiority (of the judgment).

Woo Seong-hoon became 2 wins and 2 losses in the One Championship. Hu Yong, from the Chinese martial arts reality program ‘ONE Hero Series’, has 7 wins and 1 loss in the One Championship.

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