“I sweated a lot wearing leggings…” Nike and Adidas endocrine disruptors detected

A report has emerged that environmental hormones that cause asthma and cardiovascular disease have been detected in excess in clothing and underwear from famous sports brands such as Nike and Adidas.

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On the 17th (local time), CNN reported the results of an analysis of Bisphenol A ( BPA ) in sportswear for six months from October last year by the California Center for Environmental Health ( CEH ), a non-profit organization in California. BPA up to 40 times the safe limit was detected in products from eight brands, including Nike, Adidas, Patagonia, Champion, and Athleta. The California state standard for BPA is 3 micrograms (μg), and more BPA than the California state standard was detected in leggings, shorts, sports bras, and exercise shirts sold by the brand. BPA is a representative endocrine disruptor that stimulates the secretion of female hormones. It is particularly lethal to women, causing menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea), excessive menstruation, and excessive exposure during pregnancy, which can cause problems with the development of the reproductive system of the fetus. It is also known to be associated with cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and asthma. It is mainly detected in many products used daily, such as receipts, water bottles, toys, and flooring.

The photo is not directly related to the article. [Photo source = Pixa Bay]

In this investigation, BPA was detected only in clothes made of ‘polyester’ containing ‘spandex’. In the previous inspection, BPA

at 22 times the safety standard was detected in sports bra products from brands such as Asics and The North Face. “Sports bras and sportswear are usually worn for several hours and sweat a lot, so they enter the bloodstream through the skin in seconds to minutes, and exposure to BPA may be higher than in everyday life,” CEH said . The time of exposure to BPA should be minimized, such as changing clothes immediately .”

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