‘I blocked all of Holland’s shots’ I lost 0-4, but the goalkeeper said ‘Rating 10’

“Real Madrid were the cowards behind Thibaut Courtois.”

Real Madrid, which was said to have the DNA of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League, collapsed greatly. On the 18th (Korean time), Manchester City lost 0-4 in the second leg of the 2022-23 season Champions League semi-finals held in Manchester, England.

Real Madrid boasts a career of winning the Champions League 14 times. Last season, it came out on top. He advanced to the semifinals for two consecutive years and showed an unchangingly strong appearance. In the first leg against Manchester City, Vinicius Junior’s opening goal showed off his potential to lead.

However, in front of Manchester City, he bowed his head powerlessly. It was inferior in all areas, including possession (40.6%-59.4%), number of shots (7-16), and number of corner kicks (3-7). When Manchester City broke through the attack, it spread to 4 runs. In the first half, Bernardo Silva scored multiple goals and accepted defeat early.

Even in the midst of an unexpected crushing defeat in the semifinals, Courtois evoked admiration. Even though the goalkeeper cannot be satisfied with only 4 runs, the Spanish press praises him unanimously. It is evaluated that if it had not been for Courtois, it would have led to a greater disaster.

▲ Courtois alone scored a perfect score. As’s Champions League semi-final second leg rating

▲ Although he struggled alone메이저놀이터, the 4 runs hurt Courtois’ heart.

‘As’ said, “The only survivor of the disaster is Courtois,” and said, “He showed a miracle by blocking all of Elling Holland’s chances, which were almost like goals before conceding.” ‘Marca’ also understood that “Courtois performed miracles three times. He blocked Haaland’s two headers and one-on-one.”

As they evaluated, Courtois blocked all opportunities for Holland. Courtuara, who did not concede to Haaland in the first game, won a decision victory against the best striker this season. Both As and Marca gave Courtois a perfect rating for passing the risk of losing even more.

But Courtois is not satisfied. After the game, through UEFA, he said, “I knew Manchester City would press hard and I thought it would not be easy. It hurts. Still, I’m proud to have come this far.”

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