“I am very satisfied with Go Hee-jin, who said, “I have the best fundamentals among high school players.” Kwak Seon-ok is full of energy, her dream is to have fun on the court.

“He has the best fundamentals among high school players.”

Ilshin Women’s Award outside heater Kwak Seon-ok was selected by Jeong Kwan-jang as the second overall pick in the 2023-24 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Women’s Rookie Player Draft held at the Mayfield Hotel in Seoul on the 10th.

Kwak Seon-ok, who has a good height of 178.3cm, was mentioned as a top candidate even before the draft, along with Hanbom High School middle blocker Kim Se-bin (nominated by Korea Expressway Corporation) and Jeonju Geunyoung Girls’ High School outside heater Jeon Sumin (IBK Industrial Bank nomination).

After Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min nominated Kim Se-bin as the first overall pick, coach Jeong Kwan-jang Ko Hee-jin, who received the lucky second pick with an 8% probability, called Kwak Seon-ok’s name without even thinking about it.

It is evaluated that the nomination is sufficient to lead the future of Jeong Kwan-Jang along with Park Hye-min and Lee Sun-woo, as well as the absence of Lee So-young, who is currently rehabilitated, and Ko Ui-jeong, who transferred by trade.

Director Ko Hee-jin also said, “The rankings came out better than expected. Among current high school players, he has the best fundamentals. He also has good understanding. “It’s great to have him on our team,” he said with a smile.

Kwak Seon-ok, whom we met after the draft event, said, “I was only thinking of Hyundai Engineering & Construction as a team that needed an outside heater, but I’m happy that my name was called quickly.” He added, “A day before the draft, coach Go Hee-jin said ‘flirting’ in modern parlance. She asked with the feeling of ‘Will our team be able to overcome this difficult situation?’ She said, ‘I will work hard,’ and she did. “I had an intuition to some extent because the Jeonggwanjang bead came out in a ridiculous way, but I felt relieved when my name was called,” he said.

Training for amateurs and professionals is on a different level. Not only the training time but also the intensity of training is different. Kwak Seon-ok said, “I know it’s difficult. “I am confident I will overcome it,” she said. “That may be my weakness, but I have the energy to embarrass others,” she said with a smile. “I am a bright and always confident person,” she said confidently.먹튀검증

What did she think of Jeong Kwan Jang?

He said, “I saw a lot of bright faces of Cheong Kwan-Jang’s sisters through the club’s YouTube channel. He always felt like the atmosphere was good. “When I go to this team and train in the future, I want to ask a lot of questions to Lee So-young and Park Hye-min, who are in my position,” he said emphatically.

Regarding role models, he chose two foreign players rather than Korean players.

Kwak Seon-ok said, “I watch a lot of Korean volleyball, but I also watch a lot of other countries’ games, such as the VNL (Volleyball Nations League) and the Asian Championship. I tend to watch a lot of Thai and Japanese players play. “I want to be like Japan’s Mayu Ishikawa and Thailand’s Chatchuon Moksri,” he said with a laugh.

Lastly, Kwak Seon-ok said, “Of course, as a player, I have a strong desire to receive the Rookie of the Year award, which can only be received once. In order to receive the Rookie of the Year award, you must have a lot of plays that can be shown while standing on the court. I hope I have more opportunities to stand on the court. “I want to enjoy it on the court before I win Rookie of the Year,” she said.

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