Hyung-oh Park, Jinju Asia Weightlifting Championships Men’s 81kg Total 3rd place · Jerk 2nd place

Park Hyung-oh (21, Goyang City Hall) 메이저놀이터harvested a total bronze medal and a silver medal in the men’s 81kg class at the 2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Park Hyung-oh lifted 143kg of snatch, 181kg of jerk, and 324kg in total in the men’s 81kg class match held at Jinju Gymnasium today (9th).

It slipped to 4th in impressions, but rebounded to 2nd in jerks and finished 3rd in the all-important total.

He awards medals at the Olympics and Asian Games based on total records, but at the Asian Weightlifting Championships he medals for snatch, jerk and total.

Park Hyung-oh won two medals in his first ‘Senior International Competition’.

In this weight class, Hossein Soltani (Iran) won the championship by lifting a total of 338 kg (snatch 154 kg, jerk 184 kg).

Park Hyung-oh is a promising athlete who won gold medals in three categories at the Asia Junior Weightlifting Championships held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in July last year, lifting 156kg, 186kg, and 342kg in total.

In the first place, at the 2023 Jinju Asian Championships, he was listed on the reserve list, but Kim Woo-jae (Gangwon-do Sports Association) did not participate in this competition due to an injury and enjoyed the luck of standing on the platform.

On this day, Park Hyung-oh took third place in total even though he lifted a weight well below his personal best, and reached the podium at the senior international competition he participated in for the first time.

Moon Min-hee (Hite Jinro), who competed in the women’s 71kg class, took 5th place by lifting 105kg in the snatch, but was disqualified as she failed in all three rounds of the jerk.

In this weight class, she broke her first world record in the competition.

Liao Guifang (China) lifted 120kg snatch, 148kg jerk, total 268kg, breaking world records in both snatch and total.

In the snatch, Liao Guifang broke the 119kg recorded by Loredama Toma (Romania) at the World Championships last year by 1kg, and succeeded in lifting to 148kg in the jerk, and in total, Zhang Wangli (China) 267kg recorded in 2018 by 1kg. exceeded.

The world record for this weight class is 152kg, held by Jang Wang-ri.

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