Hurt SF players, “I hope only good things” to the home run king who ‘almost became a teammate’

What kind of feelings do the San Francisco Giants players have toward Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), who almost became their teammate?

San Francisco pitcher Logan Webb expressed deep regret over the free agency negotiations between the club and Judge in December last year. 토토사이트

In an interview with at the fanfest event held at Oracle Park on the 5th (Korean time), Webb said, “I personally thought the club made a pretty good bet, but the result was different.” was thin, but we thought we might sign him, so it was unbearable, and we all were upset because our club was doing pretty well. (I think all of us in that meeting were buthurt)”.

San Francisco met Judge on November 22 last year. After negotiating with the Yankees first, Judge flew to San Francisco and had dinner with Giants CEO Larry Bear, President Paran Zaidi, head coach Gabe Kapler and key front desk staff, and continued negotiations the next day.

It seems that major San Francisco players such as Webb and Brandon Crawford also attended this event. At the time, there was a prospect that San Francisco would solidify its decision as the club’s high-ranking officials and players mobilized and conveyed their intention to recruit with the highest courtesy at the first meeting.

However, Judge’s choice was to stay with the Yankees. It was on December 8, 16 days after contact with the San Francisco club, that Judge agreed to a contract with the Yankees. In the meantime, a love call competition was held for Judge, and when San Francisco offered 360 million dollars in 9 years, the Yankees offered the same condition and the conclusion came to an end.

The terms offered by the Yankees in their first negotiations with Judge were eight years and $320 million. In other words, after hearing San Francisco’s bet, he captured the jersey with an additional $40 million for one year. What’s interesting is that Judge didn’t budge even though the San Diego Padres offered him 10 years and $400 million. Judge seems to have struggled with two clubs, his hometown team, San Francisco, and the Yankees, who raised him.

“Honestly, it was a very strange offseason,” Webb said. He’s a good friend. I’m glad I got to know him, and I was happy to be able to talk to him. I hope our friendship lasts a long time. Aaron will be the same.”

Meanwhile, Webb, who recorded a career high with 15 wins and 9 losses and an ERA of 2.90, is currently negotiating a long-term contract with the club. Webb, who became eligible for salary adjustment for the first time this offseason, signed a one-year, $4.6 million all-season contract last month.

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