He’s a kid from Real Madrid…”I don’t care if you stay or leave”

Real Madrid gives off the atmosphere of a child.카지노

Asensio joined Real Madrid in 2014 at the age of 18. Although he did not perform as well as expected due to frequent injuries and slumps, he showed off his presence after overcoming it.

However, this season the situation is different. He is mainly coming as a substitute as he is being pushed out of the competition.

Asensio was concerned about this situation and pushed for a transfer this summer, but he did not receive much income.

Asensio was in a position to push for a transfer to a team that recognized his value as his contract with Real expired at the end of this season.

No team showed much interest. The possibility of an extension of his contract has also flowed out as he again shows his brilliance at Real, but there is no progress.

It was in this context that Real’s Carlo Ancelotti spoke about Asensio. He had a strong sense of the child he gave up.

“I don’t know if Asensio will stay or leave, although he is an important player for me,” Ancelotti said. He doesn’t really care. The important thing is how much activity you show while you’re together.”

“In the end, the team will make the most appropriate decision,” he added.

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