Handball that changed the game’ Manchester United 3-1 win over Fulham

 One play changed the game. 

Manchester United won 3-1 in the 2022/23 season England FA Cup 6th Round (Quarterfinal) match against Fulham FC held at Old Trafford in Trafford, Greater Manchester, Northwest England on the 20th (Korean time). Manchester United headed to the semi-finals and Fulham finished the competition.

Early in the game, Fulham took the lead. In the 2nd minute of the first half, Pereira crossed from the right side of the opponent’s half to the other side. Diop got a header from the left side of the box, but goalkeeper De Gea cleared it. 

Fulham continued their momentum. In the 30th minute of the first half, Robinson crossed from the left flank to the center메이저놀이터. Mitrovic had a header but it flew over the crossbar. 

Manchester United launched a counterattack. In the 39th minute of the first half, Fernands sent the ball to the front of the opponent’s box. Sabitzer caught it and shot it, but goalkeeper Leno blocked it. The first half ended 0-0. 

In the second half, Fulham scored the opening goal. In the 4th minute of the second half, Fulham won a corner kick from the right flank. The ball lifted by Pereira passed through Diop and went to the opponent’s goal. Mitrovic kicked it off. 

Man Utd turned the match to square one. In the 24th minute of the second half, Willian intentionally blocked Sancho’s shot from the left side of the opponent’s box with his arm. The referee declared a penalty kick with a direct ejection. Manager Silva and Mitrovic also protested and were even sent off. Fernands scores a penalty kick. 

Man United turned the game around. In the 31st minute of the second half, Shaw crosses from the left side of the opponent’s box to the center. Sabitzer returned the ball with his back foot and went straight into the goal. 

Man Utd pulled out a key goal. In the 50th minute of the second half, Fred passed to the right of the opponent’s half. After Fernands held it forward, he shot in a one-on-one situation and split the net. The match ended in a 3-1 Manchester United victory. 

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