Hana 1Q, seeking to escape from the bottom, recruits physical coach Kim Ik-gyeom…Breaks up with coach Lee Si-jun

 Hana 1 Q, which is trying to escape from the bottom, recruited Kim Ik-gyeom as a physical coach.

On the 14th, Bucheon HanawonQ announced the recruitment of physical coach Kim Ik-gyeom through official social media.

Coach Ik-Gyeom Kim graduated from the Department of Physical Education at Kyung Hee University and completed his master’s degree course메이저놀이터. He later completed his doctoral studies at the Russian State University of Physical Education, specializing in psychology and elite athlete training methodology. Then he returned to Korea and served as a professor at Kyunghee University.

Coach Kim Ik-gyeom, who turned his eyes to the field, accumulated experience as a physical trainer at the men’s national basketball team, Kumho Life Insurance, and KDB Life Insurance. From the 2020-2021 season, he joined Yongin Samsung Life Insurance as a conditioning coach and worked hard to prevent injuries to the players.

Hana OneQ coach Kim Do-wan and coach Kim Ik-gyeom ate a bowl of rice at Samsung Life Insurance. Last season, Hana One Q suffered from big and small injuries, so it is speculated that coach Kim Do-wan reached out to coach Kim Ik-gyeom. Coach Kim Ik-gyeom plans to join Hana One Q from off-season training starting on the 17th.

Meanwhile, Hana One Q broke up with coach Lee Si-jun, who had been with them until last season. Coach Lee Si-jun started his leadership career at Hana 1Q after being called by former head coach Lee Hoon-jae in the 2019-2020 season. Last season, he assisted new head coach Kim Do-wan, but he left the team.

An official from Hana 1 Q said, “We broke up with our own will. He told the team that he wanted to take a break and study more.

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