Ha Ji-won, a 10 billion building ’empty’… “200 million annual interest bomb right”

Actor Ha Ji-won bought a building in Ttukseom, Seoul for 10 billion won, but it is estimated that he suffered a huge loss due to the low rental yield.

According to the real estate industry on the 19th, Ha Ji-won purchased a building in Seongsu-dong for 10 billion won in the name of Haewadal Entertainment, a corporation she founded in 2020.

This building has a land area of ​​257.2㎡ and a total floor area of ​​998.35㎡ with 1 basement floor and 8 floors above ground. Based on the land area, it is about 130 million won per pyeong. The building was completed in 2020, and the management was excellent, so the price at the time was up to 60 million won higher than the surroundings (60 million to 70 million won).

According to a copy of the real estate register issued by Money Today, the maximum amount of bonds set for this building is 9 billion won. Considering that the maximum bond amount is usually set at 120% of the loan, the loan amount is estimated at 8 billion won and the monthly interest is 26 million won (based on an annual interest rate of 4%).

This building, classified as a type 2 neighborhood living facility, has a restaurant on the 1st floor (99.09㎡), a clinic on the 2nd and 3rd floors (132.34~137.33㎡), an office on the 4th and 6th floors (132.34㎡), and an office on the 7th and 8th floors (44.09~ 110.5㎡) is registered as a detached house. However, all rooms are vacant except for the optician’s on the first floor. Ha Ji-won’s solo exhibitions and pop-up stores were often held on the 4th to 6th floors, but it is known that there was no annual rental.

The real estate industry predicted that Ha Ji-won’s annual rental yield would be less than 1%. An official said that the first floor (99㎡) of a shopping mall near Seongsu Station on Subway Line 2 is worth 150 million to 200,000 deposits .Considering that the monthly rent is 7.5 million won for 50 million won, Ha Ji-won’s annual rental income would be 90 million won메이저놀이터, and the yield compared to the purchase price would be around 0.9%.

Ha Ji-won’s building in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul. /Photo = Kakao Map

If the interest rate on the loan is taken into account, the rate of return is rather negative. Although the real estate mortgage interest rate has dropped to the latter half of 3%, it is absurdly high compared to Ha Ji-won’s rental yield. Even if rental income is subtracted from loan interest, Ha Ji-won is losing more than 200 million won a year.

Lee Jin-woo, CEO of Dream Building Real Estate Brokerage Corporation, said, “Unlike Gyeongridan-gil, Seongsu-dong is wide and flat, so the commercial district is not intensive. There are not many profitable real estate.”

He continued, “In 2014, those who purchased land at 60 to 70 million won per pyeong of land area made a big profit, but those who bought it at a price of over 100 million won are losing money. In particular, those who invested with a large loan at a low interest rate since 2015 The damage is great,” he said.

CEO Lee thought that the possibility of a land price increase in Seongsu-dong would not be high either. He explained that the market price of the land area has already risen to the level of the backside road of Dosan-daero in Gangnam-gu, and there is a high possibility that the commercial district will be dispersed if the rent is raised.

He emphasized, “Seongsu-dong is becoming an area where only cash rich people can find it. It is now impossible to purchase with a loan of more than 50%.”

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