Gimpo, neu:bon and fan participation tumbler challenge

(Best Eleven)

Gimpo FC takes the lead in banning disposables from sports grounds. On the 11th, at the home game between Gyeongnam FC and Gimpo Salter Stadium메이저놀이터, we held the ‘Tumbler Challenge’ with nue:bon.

The tumbler challenge campaign is a spectator-participating activity, designed with the purpose of activating the use of multi-use items in beverage facilities in the stadium and raising awareness and publicity of eco-friendly sports viewing culture.

Visitors can use a variety of drinks, including free coffee, by bringing a tumbler, which is a multi-use product.

A spectator who participated in the challenge said, “I thought carrying a tumbler was cumbersome, but it was said that I could receive certain benefits, so I brought it.” A child visitor said, “I am asked to bring a tumbler at school, but I often forget it. Even at school, I drink. If you give it to me, I think I can take it well,” he said, raising the need for motivation to promote multi-use products.

Nubon (CEO Kim Ji-eun) said, “We plan to provide various benefits to K-League fans and Gimpo FC fans in the future to create a culture of using tumbler despite the inconvenience.”

Meanwhile, Nubon is about to launch ‘Cafe on’, a coffee machine brand that provides a carbon reduction data visualization solution.

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