Four challengers. 156km fastball-FA-Youngest-Legend himself. 30S for 3 consecutive years, achieved only by 3 people in 40 years. Who is the 4th main character? 

Only three players have achieved 30 saves for three consecutive years in the KBO League. Lim Chang-yong was the first to record for Haitai Tigers and Samsung Lions from 1998 to 2000, and Samsung Oh Seung-hwan recorded it from 2006 to 2008. And Son Seung-rak of the Nexen Heroes posted more than 30 saves for three consecutive years from 2012.

In order to post 30 saves three years in a row, you need to stay healthy and have the ability to keep throwing as a finisher. And the team should create a lot of save opportunities. You can see how difficult it is when you look at the fact that only three people have recorded over 40 years.

However, there are four finishers who challenge 30 saves for three consecutive years this season. Woo-seok Ko of LG Twins, Jae-yoon Kim of KT Wiz, Hae-young Jeong of KIA Tigers, and Seung-hwan Oh of Samsung are the main characters.

After recording 30 saves in the 2021 season, Go Woo-seok became the first save king in his debut with 42 saves last year. His 42 saves is the 5th most in a single season. This season is, of course, the end for LG. Team strength is still good. If Ko Woo-seok continues to step up as the finisher, it would only be natural for him to become the 4th main character.

Kim Jae-yoon, who became the first KT to exceed 30 saves, is facing free agency. So, 30 saves for 3 consecutive years is very meaningful. You can aim for the FA jackpot while confirming that it is a stable finish.메이저사이트

Jung Hae-young is the youngest. Jung Hae-young, born in 2001, holds the record for the youngest 30 saves ever and the youngest 30 saves for two consecutive years. If Jeong Hae-young, who is recording 67 saves, makes 33 saves this year, she will become the youngest player with 30 new eves for 3 consecutive years, as well as the youngest career record of 100 saves.

Oh Seung-hwan is challenging a record he has already achieved once. He’s the first player to do it twice, so if he makes 30 saves this year, he’ll set the record again. He had 370 saves until last year, so if he adds just 30 saves, he will reach 400 career saves for the first time ever.

30 saves for 3 years in a row that is meaningful to everyone. Who will achieve it first, and how many will achieve it?

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