Felix isn’t coming to Korea? Newcastle threatens Chelsea with hijacking

Will Joao Felix come to Korea?메이저놀이터

British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 21st (Korean time), “Newcastle United is threatening the owner Todd Boelli’s hopes of signing Joao Felix completely.”

Felix went on loan to Chelsea from Atletico Madrid. At the end of this season, he will have to return to Atlético again. However, Chelsea are hoping to sign him outright.

However, Newcastle United are also closely watching Felix’s situation. Since advancing to the UEFA Champions League next season is highly likely, if the opportunity arises, we will try to recruit him completely.

Of course, another season on loan is one of the options as Atlético are asking for £89m. Anyway, Chelsea wants to accompany Felix.

Looking at the current atmosphere, Felix is ​​likely to remain in the Premier League with offers from Chelsea or Newcastle. If that happens, he is unlikely to join the Atlético squad visiting Korea this summer.

The Coupang Play Series invited Manchester City and Atletico this summer. The two teams will face off on July 30 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. If Felix goes back to Atletico, he will come to Korea with the squad. What will Felix do?

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