Family didn’t know he was a ‘fake doctor’…practiced medicine for 28 years with a fake license

A 60-year-old who practiced medicine for nearly 30 years by forging a medical license has been sentenced to prison메이저놀이터.

Judge Han So-hee of the Suwon District Court Criminal Division 10 sentenced A, 60, to seven years in prison and a fine of 5 million won on Sept. 24 for forging public documents, executing forged public documents, and fraud.

“The defendant’s unlicensed medical practice disrupted the medical order and caused serious adverse effects on health and safety, and deserves strict punishment,” the judge said. “The defendant continued to practice unlicensed medicine even after a prosecution investigation was initiated and investigated,” she said.

“There were 15,000 patients who received treatment from the defendant, and the defendant’s treatment is not a field where serious medical accidents occur, so it cannot be ruled out that even if an actual medical accident occurred, the patients were unaware of it,” the court said, adding, “Considering that the defendant received a high salary exceeding 500 million won by deceiving the hospital, the court gave reasons for the sentence.”

As for the seven hospital directors who hired A, the court suspended the sentence of 5 million to 10 million won in fines, saying that “they did not go through the procedure of validating the defendant’s medical license,” but that “they were deceived by the defendant.”

However, for Mr. B, the hospital director, the court sentenced him to a fine of 20 million won, saying, “Considering that he has a history of violating medical laws in the past, such as having unlicensed employees assist in surgery.”

Mr. A was accused of forging a doctor’s license and submitting it to the hospital to pose as a medical practitioner from October 2014 to December last year, when the statute of limitations had expired.

It was investigated that he graduated from medical school in 1993 without obtaining a medical license and practiced medicine at 60 hospitals nationwide since 1995.

The hospital directors who hired him reportedly did not suspect his fake medical license because he was actually enrolled in medical school.

Even when he married in 2006, he did not tell his wife or children about the fake license until now. His mother reportedly believed her son was a doctor.

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