Fall Hero → 45.5 Billion Real Dealings… The puzzling game of 1 billion has begun

The image of the autumn hero has now completely disappeared. Instead, he remained as the main character of disgrace for ‘eating and jumping’ for 34 million dollars (approximately 45.5 billion won). I am interested in whether there will be a team that will lend a hand.

Arizona shocked left-hander Madison Bumgarner (34) on the 21st by announcing the transfer designated player (FA). Bumgarner, who signed a five-year, $85 million contract with Arizona ahead of the 2020 season, was expected as an ace to lead the team’s starting rotation, but fell short of everyone’s expectations.

Bumgarner went 15-32 with a 5.23 ERA over four seasons in Arizona. It was a sharp decline for Bumgarner, who had a 3.13 ERA and 119 wins, 92 losses and a 3.13 ERA over 11 years in San Francisco before, and showed a heroic temperament that only became more of a warrior in the fall. Eventually, when he suffered a sluggish performance with 3 losses and an ERA of 10.26 in his first 4 games of the year, he made the shocking decision of being released to make room for prospects to rise from the minor leagues.

As expected메이저놀이터, no team embraced Bumgarner in the DFA process. Originally contracted with Arizona until next year, Bumgarner’s remaining annual salary is about 34 million dollars (approximately 45.5 billion won). In the DFA process, if Bumgarner was recruited, he would have to inherit this salary, so it was natural that no one would step forward.

Eventually, Bumgarner was officially released on the 27th. After being released, the story is a little different now. Arizona will now take all of Bumgarner’s remaining salary of $34 million. Arizona became a thorn in the eye after eating 34 million dollars, but the situation of the other 29 teams is different. Newly recruited teams can use Bumgarner by paying only about 720,000 dollars (about 1 billion won), which is the minimum annual salary in the major leagues this year.

The views are a bit mixed. Still, Bumgarner has a brand and name value. The financial burden is not too heavy here. Bumgarner went 14-25 with a 4.78 ERA in 56 starts over the past two years. Considering the initial expectations of a $720,000 player, this number might not seem too bad.

However, there is a prospect that there may be a team that does not consider the recruitment of Bumgarner at all in that the downward trend is clear. Bumgarner’s velocity and pitch have been on a downward trend each year. In particular, this year, the percentage of barrel batted balls soared from 9.8% last year to 12.5%, showing limitations. It means that he could become a burden on the team after he recruited him for no reason and only occupied one spot.

In other words, depending on the team’s circumstances, it is predicted that the team that will be interested in recruiting Bumgarner and the team that will not be at all can be sharply divided. Even if only four or five teams are interested, Bumgarner can pick his favorite team. It will be interesting to see how the game of notice surrounding Bumgarner plays out.

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