‘Elbow injury + Yatoo hunting’ Lee Seung-hyun, still a presence

Lee Seung-hyun’s fighting spirit continues.

Jeonju KCC met Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 19th and lost 79-81.

Lee Seung-hyun (197cm, F) moved to KCC for this off-season. However, due to his ankle surgery, his off-season was not fully digested.메이저사이트 He returned faster than expected, but his condition was not normal. He was a bit disappointed in the karate. He also seemed to be struggling physically.

However, as time passed and from the 3rd round, Lee Seung-hyun showed a different side. He played his part well enough in his attack. As Lee Seung-hyun’s scoring ability increased, KCC also rose. KCC recorded 6 wins and 3 losses in the 3rd round. The ranking rose to 6th.

It was KCC that entered the All-Star break in a good mood by catching 3 of the first 4 games of the 4th round. But after that was the problem. After the All-Star break, KCC fell into a five-game losing streak. During the process, Lee Seung-hyun was diagnosed with an elbow injury and would be out for about a month.

However, he returned earlier than expected. He returned from the Anyang KGC match on the 17th. It was an earlier return than expected. He played 33 minutes and showed fighting spirit, but could not prevent the team from losing.

After that, Lee Seung-hyun came out as a main player in the game with Korea Gas Corporation. However, he could not find his balance in the early stages of the game. His specialty, the mid-range jumper, was also missed consecutively. He also missed scoring under the goal. His first four shots all missed.

But he didn’t mind doing the dirty work. I screened for players without the ball and screened for players with the ball. He did not avoid rebound competition and often went to help defense for Laguna (199cm, C). He was disappointing in attack, but he still showed his presence in defense. He left the court 4 minutes and 8 seconds before the end of the first quarter, being replaced by Lee Jong-hyun (204cm, C).

Lee Seung-hyun, who had taken enough rest, came in at 4 minutes and 29 seconds into the second quarter. The biggest task was to fill the vacancy in Laguna with Lee Jong-hyun. And he did it successfully. Although he gave up 4 points to Murphy Holloway (196cm, F), he did not allow other points in the paint zone.

Lee Seung-Hyun and Song Dong-Hoon took the ball from Sam Josef Belrangel (177cm, G) 3 minutes and 39 seconds before the end of the quarter. After that, he also participated in the fast break. As a result, he led the opponent’s foul and won a free throw. The first free throw was missed, but the second was successful. It was Lee Seung-hyun’s first goal of the game. After that, he also scored a breakthrough using a handoff fake. That score made it 37-32. He also helped Jun-beom Jeon (195cm, F) make a 3-point shot. It was Lee Seung-hyun who played his part not only in defense but also in attack. Thanks to Seunghyun Lee’s performance, KCC finished the first half with a score of 43-38.

Lee Seung-hyun’s mid-range score did not go in. Nevertheless, Lee Seung-hyun was a player who knew how to attack. He helped his teammates score through the screen. Then he tried to post up, giving other players space. He helped Park Gyeong-sang (178cm, G) and Lee Geun-hwi (187cm, F) score.

Although he committed an offensive foul, it didn’t matter much. With Lee’s dedication, other players’ performances were added, and KCC made it 57-51. Lee Seung-hyun, who played a sufficient role, was replaced by Lee Jong-hyun 3 minutes and 23 seconds before the end of the third quarter.

Lee Seung-hyun returned to the starting lineup in the fourth quarter. He landed his first mid-range jumper of the game. It was 68-61. However, no other KCC players scored. It was the same with Lee Seung-hyun. Then the score gap narrowed again. And at 3 minutes and 36 seconds from the start of the 4th quarter, he even allowed a turnaround.

Even so, Lee Seung-hyun did not give up. He ran hard and did his best in karate. But it was not enough. Because he couldn’t control Lee Dae-seong (193cm, G). Lee Seung-Hyun succeeded in a mid-range jumper that tied the score at 75-77. It was the first mid-range score of the game. In addition, KCC turned around by adding a quick break following a steal by Jeong Chang-young (193cm, G).

But it was no longer enough. Lee Dae-sung gave up a breakthrough goal, and Lee Dae-sung and Murphy Holloway lost control of their two-on-two attack and conceded a goal. It was 79-81. KCC, which failed until the last attack, lost the game.

On this day, Lee Seung-hyun played 28 minutes and recorded 7 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. His record was poor. During the game, he collapsed after contact and directed a dizzying scene. Nevertheless, he showed his presence by fulfilling his role on the pitch. However, he could not prevent the team from losing and faded Lee Seung-hyun’s fighting spirit.

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