Ecopro Group raises up to KRW 1 trillion to be completed next month

KOSDAQ leader Ecopro Group is raising up to 1 trillion won in funding.

Ecopro Biom and Ecopro Innovation are in the process of raising KRW 500 billion each.

With the influx of large-scale funds, Ecopro is expected to expand its production capacity of cathode materials, the core material of batteries.

This is an exclusive report by Kim Chae-yeon.

Ecopro Group is in the process of attracting up to 1 trillion won in investment funds.

An industry insider said, “Ecopro is simultaneously attracting investment in Ecopro Innovation along with Ecopro Biom.” “Private equity managers are doing due diligence now,” he said.

The size of the investment is being discussed at the level of up to 500 billion won each for EcoProViem and EcoPro Innovation.

“EcoProBiM will issue 500 billion won in convertible bonds (CBs)메이저놀이터, and for EcoProInnovation, we are still discussing detailed investment terms,” the official said.

SkyLake Equity Partners, Premier Partners, and IMM Investment, which are known to be investors in EcoProBiM, are also considering investing in EcoProInnovation.

Ecopro Innovation, which manufactures core materials for cathode materials, is a 100% subsidiary of holding company Ecopro, which converts lithium carbonate into lithium hydroxide and supplies it to cathode material companies such as Ecoproviem.

It produces 13,000 tons of lithium hydroxide per year, and will have a production capacity of 26,000 tons per year when the expansion of the second plant is completed in the second half of this year.

As the demand for lithium hydroxide has exploded due to the expansion of the electric vehicle market, industry analysts believe that EcoPro Innovation has great potential for long-term growth.

The company’s performance has literally taken the world by storm.

Revenue, which was just 49 billion won in 2021, rose to 423 billion won last year, up nearly 10-fold in a year, and operating margins exceeded 30 percent, a phenomenal level for a manufacturing company.

Ecopro’s investment drive has been going smoothly despite concerns from inside and outside the company that the recent arrest of Ecopro Chairman Lee Dong-chae would put the brakes on.

Ecopro is expected to finalize the investment in July, and plans to use the funds to expand its factory to increase production capacity.

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