Double eyelid surgery and pretending to be a doctor…you’re a felon.

Have you ever had a plastic surgeon or dermatologist offer you a deal like this?메이저사이트

“You can get any plastic surgery you want, and you can pay 80-90% less if you cut off your receipts as having been treated by an aesthetician.” You might be thinking, “That’s not normal, what’s the big deal?” But it’s not.

If you fall for it, and you submit a document to the insurance company that doesn’t reflect the actual treatment or cost of the treatment, and you get paid, you’re committing insurance fraud, which is a crime.

The same goes for putting more money on your card than you actually owe because you’re told you can reduce your co-pay, which is usually 10% to 20%, and then canceling it and paying cash for the actual bill.

This behavior is so common that the CFPB has even issued a cautionary warning, listing the types of scams.

In fact, in the past three years, from 2019-22, more than 3,000 policyholders and 110 healthcare workers were investigated for insurance fraud.

On an annualized basis, that’s a 110% increase in the number of people suspected of committing insurance fraud in three years.

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