Director Mwafe of Zambia, “I analyzed the clip of Belho” (Q&A)

Director Bruce Mwafe revealed his thoughts. 

The Korean women’s national soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, is set to play against the Zambia women’s national soccer team in an A-match invited by Shinsegae E-Mart to be held at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 7th. On the 11th, they will have a return match at Yongin Mir Stadium. It is attracting attention because it is a confrontation between the two teams in the Women’s World Cup. 

Coach Mwafe said, “I think our national team will prepare for this game as a mock test for the World Cup Morocco. Do you think Zambia and Morocco are similar? Can you tell us about the basics of women’s football in Africa?” STN Sports was asked about 

Coach Mwafe said, “I don’t think we and Morocco are similar teams even though they belong to the same African continent. There are different parts starting from the location. Some tactics may be similar, but I think they are completely different teams.” I played against Morocco, and even then I felt that it was a different team.” 

When asked if he could tell us the secret to defeating Morocco because he is a familiar team, he said modestly, “I am cautious about other coaches evaluating other teams. delivered the answer. 

Lastly, coach Mwafe added about Korea, “I analyzed the Korean team through video clips. Korea is already a team going to the Women’s World Cup, and (analysis result) is a great team and I think it is a good team.” 

Q. What will you focus on for this two-game match? 

▶I went to Turkey for field training, and our national team is also in a position to prepare for the World Cup. We will focus on that part. One problem is that the timing of the players’ joining is different. Domestic players came to Korea yesterday, but players from overseas, such as Spain, arrive in the evening. 

Q. Our national team considers this two consecutive match as a mock test against Morocco in the World Cup. When you think about it, do both Zambia and Morocco look alike? Can you tell us about the basics of women’s football in Africa? (STN Sports direct statement)

▶I don’t think Morocco and us are similar teams, even though they belong to the same African continent. The location is also different. Some tactics may be similar, but I think they are completely different teams. I played against Morocco in the Africa Cup, and even then I felt that it was a different team. 

Q. It’s a different team, but you’re more familiar with the Moroccan team than we are, so what advice would you give to catch them in the World Cup? (STN Sports Direct)

▶ I am cautious about other coaches evaluating other teams. It’s hard to say carelessly. It’s up to the Korean team, so I hope the Korean team will overcome it well. 

Q. How much did you know about our national team? What are the strengths of the Korean national team? (STN Sports Direct)

▶Because it is the first match against Korea, I am cautious about evaluating Korea. However, ahead of this game, the Korean team was analyzed through clips. Korea is already a team going to the Women’s World Cup, and I think it’s a great team and a good team온라인바카라.

Q. There is news that it is difficult for national team ace Ji So-yeon to play in the first match. Did you know this news? 

▶I didn’t know the news that Ji So-yeon seemed to be unable to step out. However, I think soccer is a battle of teamwork rather than focusing on individual players. That’s why I’m focusing more on facing the Korean team. 

Q. You came on a distant expedition. Were there any inconveniences between moving and coming? (STN Sports direct statement)

▶ Although moving to another country is difficult, I think moving to any country is necessary (to play soccer). I am very, very satisfied with my life and meals in Korea. 

Q. You said you analyzed us through clips. Are there any players that impress you? 

▶ Rather than focusing on the individual, it seems that the team focused on how to play. There are many Asian teams in this World Cup. There is Japan, a group like us, and strong China. I think we saw how the Asian team played overall. 

Q. What is your resolution for the 2nd consecutive match? (STN Sports Direct)

▶To show that Korea is preparing well for the World Cup, they must have prepared well for this match as well. I think we should show that we are also preparing for the World Cup in these two games. I will take it seriously. At the same time, we are trying to recruit new players. 

The key is how to show what you have prepared. There are three major parts, the physical part, the technical part, and the tactical part. I think it will be important to show these three parts well in these two matches. 

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