Di Maria also prepares for the end “Farewell to the national team after the final”

Angel Di Maria (34, Juventus), the talisman for Argentina’s victory, mentioned the retirement of the national team.

On the 17th (hereafter Korean time), Di Maria said through Argentinian media ‘Clarin’, “This is the last time. The World Cup final is a farewell stage with the national team.”

It is already known that Di Maria will retire from his national team after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. After finishing the home game against Venezuela in the South American World Cup qualifiers in March, he predicted the end through his personal account, “This match was the last match in Argentina wearing this uniform. There is not much time left for a beautiful night.”

Di María first joined the Argentina national team in 2008 and has experienced a total of four World Cups and Copa America. He scored 27 goals in 129 A matches in his career. In last year’s Copa America final, he scored the winning goal against Brazil 1-0 to win the title for his home country.

Di María dreams of being the man of the finals once again. Thanks to his teammates, the World Cup final against France became the stage for his retirement from the national team. Di María suffered an injury sustained at the end of the group stage and was unable to play well in the tournament. He sat on the bench for the quarterfinals and semifinals after falling into the final stages of extra time against the Netherlands in the round of 16. 안전놀이터

Argentina contemplates the use of Di Maria in the final. “We don’t know yet if Di Maria will start or start on the bench,” Clarin said. It’s clear that either way is a big help. Even if Di Maria is not in perfect shape, he is strong in big games and can be used as a joker in the match.

Clarin said, “All eyes will be on Lionel Messi in the final, but Di Maria is also preparing for the last tango. I am ready to repeat the goal I scored in the Copa America final in this World Cup and leave the national team.”