“Deeply reflect on Korea”… China, backfire

China has invited the Korean ambassador to China메이저놀이터.

It is a protest against the Korean government’s call and stern warning to Chinese Ambassador Xing Haiming, who has caused controversy beyond diplomatic disrespect and interference in internal affairs.

China like this has left us with the responsibility for this situation, saying,’Repent deeply’, and the people’s strength pointed out that “China’s red flag following the Anhamuin is the result of the Democratic Party’s humiliating Chinese dream.”

Reporter Seo Joo-hee reports.

The Chinese government summoned the Korean Ambassador to China, Jeong Jae-ho, to protest.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Deputy Minister Nung Lung met with Ambassador Chung to express concern and dissatisfaction that the Korean side responded inappropriately to exchanges between Chinese Ambassador to Korea Xing Haiming and opposition leader Lee Jae-myeong.

Ambassador Xing’s mission was to explain in detail China’s views and stance on bilateral relations, and to broadly interact with people from all walks of life in Korea, he said, saying that he had done his job.

It has been a day since the Korean Foreign Ministry invited Ambassador Singh to express regret over his provocative words and actions.

[Xing Haiming / Chinese Ambassador to Korea (Last 8th)]
“I think those who ‘bet’ on China’s defeat will definitely regret it in the future.”

The Chinese government also passed the responsibility on to the South Korean side, saying that it hopes that the Korean side will deeply ponder and take the problems in the bilateral relationship seriously.

Regarding this, the Korean embassy in China reported that Ambassador Chung conveyed serious concerns about Ambassador Singh’s words and actions, which were different from the facts, at a meeting with Director Nung Lung.

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