Criticism of “abolishing” the 20-year longevity program on the Yoon couple’s appearance…”Even the program makes ideological opposition” refuted

President Yoon and his wife’s appearance on the airwaves

more than 200 critical comments were posted on message boards

Pointing out political image activities using dogs

“Abolish the program” and other criticisms of the broadcaster

Yoon’s supporters responded with a post titled “Return of Moon Feng Shan Dog.

“If you’re going to do it this way, abolish it.”

When SBS’s “TV Animal Farm,” the country’s leading pet-related program, aired a segment on President Yoon Seok-yeol and his wife on the 28th, liberal viewers posted one criticism after another on the program’s message board. In response, supporters of Yoon’s government posted rebuttal posts, and the debate continued with posts about former President Moon Jae-in and Yoon’s dog.

Since the episode of “Animal Farm” featuring the Yoon메이저놀이터 family aired this morning, the program’s message board has received more than 250 comments on the episode until about 5 p.m. today. The first comment was posted around 10 a.m., saying, “What’s with the presidential couple’s appearance from the morning?”

This was followed by a series of criticisms of Yoon’s appearance. The main criticism was that President Yoon was using his dog and the program for political purposes. “Rename the program to ‘TV Political Farm,'” some wrote, while others said, “Avoid political colors.”

Some viewers criticized the broadcaster itself, while others made accusations against SBS-related companies. Some even called for the program to be “canceled.”

After a flurry of criticisms from liberal-leaning viewers, supporters of Yoon’s government and conservative viewers began to join the debate on the message boards. “It’s not normal to come to a message board and criticize the president because he appeared in a certain program,” one viewer pointed out. Another viewer pointed out that “even the program has become an ideological battleground.” In particular, one viewer responded to the criticism from liberal viewers by saying, “Didn’t he breed poodles for their beauty and sell ugly pungsan dogs?” referring to the incident in which former President Moon returned a pungsan dog gifted to him by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

During the broadcast, Yoon and his wife, Kim Gun-hee, showed a picture of Sae-Rom, a retired service dog they adopted last December, living at the presidential residence in Hannam-dong, Seoul. “All the dogs and cats like dad much more (than mom),” Kim said. In response, President Yoon said, “(Mrs. Kim) likes to train, so she does right paw, left paw, and so on, and if I don’t feed her and keep training her, the puppy runs to me and asks for it.” In addition to Saerom, Yoon and his wife currently have a total of 11 pets, including five dogs and five cats.

Meanwhile, “Animal Farm,” which began broadcasting in May 2001, is a representative longevity program that has been running for 22 years.

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