Conte’s successor ‘unexpected person’ emerges → Tottenham’s contact, scramble with Real

Attention is drawn to the fact that Tottenham of the English Premier League has contacted an unexpected person to replace Antonio Conte, who is scheduled to be sacked.

According to Germany’s Bild, Eintracht Frankfurt manager Olifer Glasner has recently been in contact with Tottenham. Glasner has also been spotted as a manager by Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Glasner was recently knocked out by Serie A Napoli in the Champions League round of 16. Also, Frankfurt is currently running 6th in the Bundesliga. It is far from winning.

However, Tottenham said they were attracted to Glasner. It’s because of the winning experience. Frankfurt lifted the trophy last year by메이저놀이터 beating Rangers on penalties in the Europa League final.

Glasner’s tenure runs through the 2024 season. Tottenham are said to be willing to pay the Frankfurt club a penalty for terminating his contract if Glasner agrees.

The problem is that Real Madrid are taking a bite out of Glasner. The point is that Glasner may head to Spain because Real Madrid is a more prestigious club than Tottenham.

Chelsea also have Glasner as one of the candidates if they sack Graham Porter. Of course, Chelsea is highly likely to take Porter as it is, so Glasner’s interest has disappeared.

Several names are currently being talked about as Conte’s successor. Most recently, director Amorim’s name appeared. Amorim is from Portugal and started his career in 2018 as the manager of Casa Pia in the Portuguese third division. From 2020 to present he is in charge of Sporting.

In addition, Mauricio Pochettino, who won the Champions League runner-up while coaching Tottenham, is also on the rise. He says he wants it and the players want it too.

Meanwhile, if Tottenham sack Conte, Ryan Mason will be in charge of the team as acting manager. Tottenham’s first match after A-match break is an away match against Everton on April 4th.

[Frankfurt coach Glasner, whom Tottenham contacted directly to replace Conte. 

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