“Conditional Suspension of the Harden Trade”. A statement from Philadelphia general manager Daryl Morey. US media “The danger of Harden’s joining the camp, a waste of Embiid’s heyday”

In the end, the Philadelphia 76ers and LA Clippers couldn’t find a solution.

ESPN and CBS Sports of the United States said on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time), ‘Philadelphia has ended trade negotiations for James Harden once. Negotiated with the Los Angeles Clippers, but failed to reach a meaningful agreement. Philadelphia plans to join Harden in training camp,’ he said.

It was to be expected.

James Harden will be released as a free agent next summer. He earns a salary of $35.64 million this season. It’s a lot. However, his skills are on the decline. The market value is not very high.

Harden made an open request for a trade to the Los Angeles Clippers. Already, Harden has carried out his will in this way during his Houston Rockets days. At the time, he wanted to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets and did not join the team during the season. He eventually transferred to Brooklyn. However, he did not win a championship ring in Brooklyn either. He eventually transferred to Philadelphia. His last season, he formed a one-two punch with Joel Embiid, but was not well-received for his erratic scoring ability and ineffective field goal percentage.

Harden’s open trade request was met with negative reactions from the American media. US ESPN said, ‘It’s not easy for Harden to be traded to the Clippers. Philadelphia wants a card that can replace Harden. He is a card that can form a strong core with Embiid. The most appropriate cards would be Paul George or Kawhi Leonard, but the Clippers can’t give up either.

In an interview with 97.5 Fanatic, a Philadelphia radio station, Philadelphia general manager Daryl Morey said, “James Harden is a good player. Unfortunately, he prefers other places. He’s pushing the trade because he respects him. However, realistically, Philadelphia and Harden have two options. First of all, it is a way for us to trade for a player who can become a running mate with Joel (Embid). Draft picks are also being considered. Or, Harden will stay in Philadelphia and try his best to win with us.” He made a significant statement at the end. He said, “If he doesn’t get a very good player, or something that will make him a very good player, he’s not going to push for a trade.”메이저놀이터

in other words. Philadelphia’s position is clear. When Harden is traded, it means that he will receive an All-Star player or a corresponding rookie draft pick. If not, it suggested that Harden would have no choice but to stay in Philadelphia.

CBS Sports of the United States said, ‘If you look at the Los Angeles Clippers roster in detail, there is no card that meets the requirements of general manager Daryl Morey. Paul George or Kawhi Leonard should be replaced with Harden, but the Los Angeles Clippers want to win the championship with these two players as the main axis. Besides, there aren’t enough rookies or draft picks to charm Philadelphia. It’s really not easy to get a deal between the two teams.’

There are also concerns. The media said, ‘Philadelphia has potential danger. Harden could be irritating by showing up to camp in poor form in the weeks leading up to the season. It can mess up the team and waste Joel Embiid’s prime.’

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