“Coach Hong Myung-bo scolds players for disrespect”…eyewitness account of Ulsan Hyundai training camp

Allegations have emerged that Ulsan Hyundai’s players behaved rudely at a restaurant during a training camp in Portugal earlier this year.

YouTuber Cho Fang-mae revealed in a video posted on the 28th that “some players of Ulsan Hyundai were scolded by head coach Hong Myung-bo during the training camp.”

He said, “Some of the players were rude to a lady in the cafeteria during training. He said, “Some of the players were rude to the lady in the cafeteria during the training camp, and (coach Hong) said, ‘Is that what adults do?먹튀검증

Referring to a recent incident in which the Ulsan Hyundai captain was disciplined for racist remarks, he said, “Coach Hong doesn’t give his players much freedom, but tells them to do the basics. I think it’s more important to be a person than to be good at soccer, but since something like this happened, I don’t think they’ll let him use social media for a while.”

Zhao Fangmei shared the same observation in a video from a training camp in February. “I think some of the players didn’t put their food away and just left, so the coach scolded them, saying, ‘I don’t need players who are only good at soccer. I need players with good manners,’ and he scolded them. That was very refreshing.”

/Photo=Jo Fang Mae YouTube channel

Meanwhile, Ulsan Hyundai’s vice-captains Lee Myung-jae, Lee Kyu-sung, and Park Yong-woo were suspended for one game and fined 15 million won ($15,000) for their role in the racism controversy. Ulsan Hyundai was also fined 30 million won for its responsibility in managing the team.

Lee Kyu-sung and Park Yong-woo were criticized for making racist remarks against dark-skinned Lee Myung-jae on Nov. 11, saying he looked like a Southeast Asian player. Lee Myung-jae responded by saying, “You’re the reason for the Asian quota,” which also caused controversy.

In response, Ulsan Hyundai said on social media on the 28th, “We apologize to the fans who may have been deeply hurt by this incident. The club opposes all discrimination based on race, gender differences, disability, etc. and aims for an equal society. We will continue to create a culture of mutual respect by living together with foreign workers, players, and multicultural families,” the team apologized.

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