Chung Cheong-rae, will he even win the chairman of the Public Safety Commission… Democratic presidential nomination race

Ahead of the election of the last standing chairman of the 21st National Assembly, a war of nerves is tense in the Democratic Party. The National Assembly will hold a plenary session on the 30th to elect seven new standing chairs.

On the 15th, Lee Jae-myeong, the representative of the Democratic Party, attends the highest level of the National Assembly and talks with Chung Cheong-rae, the highest member of the National Assembly. Reporter Kim Hyun-dong

Seven standing chairs, including the Education Committee, the Public Administration and Security Committee, the Trade, Industry and Energy Small and Medium Venture Business Committee, the Health and Welfare Committee, the Environment and Labor Committee, the Science and Technology Information Broadcasting and Communications Committee, and the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts, change. The remaining six chairperson seats belong to the Democratic Party.

It is customary for the standing chairperson, who is called the “flower of the National Assembly member,” to serve a two-year term by assigning members in the order of seniority to members of the third or higher term. However, customs became entangled as the Democratic Party monopolized all 17 standing committees and chairpersons of the Special Committee on Budget and Decision in the National Assembly in the first half of the 21st. Since there were not enough three-term lawmakers to fill the 18, three former ministers (Do Jong-hwan, Lee Gae-ho, Jin Seon-mi) and re-elected lawmakers (Song Ok-ju and Jeong Chun-sook) were elected to the standing committee. In the second half of the National Assembly, the custom of ‘main officials do not serve as the standing chairman’ was also broken. Chung Cheong-rae, who was elected as the chairman of the National Assembly oversight in July of last year, did not give up his position even after being elected as the supreme council member at the August 28 National Convention of the same year.

According to the agreement between the ruling and opposition parties, Rep. Chung Chung-rae said, “This time, the chairman of the ruling party will step down after only one year. However, the standing chairman is showing his position that he will take over the remaining one year as the chairman of the Public Administration and Security Committee, which was assigned to the Democratic Party this time, citing that it is customary to serve for two years. However, some members of the Democratic Party criticize, “Isn’t it too selfish to break the custom that key officials do not serve as the standing chairman, and to abide by the custom that the standing chairman position is guaranteed for two years?” An official from the Democratic Party said, “The issue of the election of the head of the Public Administration and Security Council is a sensitive issue,” and said, “It depends on the decision of Park Kwang-on, the floor leader.”

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo greets Woo Won-sik, chairman of the Preliminary Committee, at the plenary meeting of the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on August 29 last year. news 1

In the Democratic Party, the place where interest is as hot as the chairman of the Public Administration Committee is the chairman of the Preliminary Committee. Although the chairperson of the Preliminary Committee has a one-year term,메이저놀이터 he oversees the review of government budget bills worth hundreds of trillion won. She is able to take care of the long-awaited projects of her constituency as well as that of her fellow lawmakers, which is a great help in managing her own constituency as well as building her position in the party. The current chairman of the Preliminary Committee is Woo Won-sik, a four-term lawmaker who served as floor representative in the 20th National Assembly. One Democratic Party aide said, “If you ask whether you want to serve as the standing chairperson for two years or as the preliminary decision chairperson for one year, 10 out of 10 lawmakers will answer that they are the preliminary decision chairman.” It is said that several leading members of the Democratic Party who have already served as the standing chairperson are eyeing the appointment chairperson.

It is an observation within the party that the placement of the remaining standing chairpersons will inevitably be linked to whether or not Rep. Chung Chung-rae serves as the chairman of the Public Administration and Security Administration. From three-time lawmakers who did not complete their two-year term as chairperson of the standing committee to old lawmakers who were re-elected, they are widely discussed as chairpersons for education, industrial safety, welfare, and elderly people. Rep. Park Beom-gye, who has no experience as a standing chairperson, was appointed chairperson of the Industrial Resources Committee and chairperson of the party’s policy committee.

Regarding the fierce competition for the standing chairperson until the end of the 21st National Assembly, an official from the Democratic Party hinted, “It is a standing chairperson where opposition lawmakers can exert their strength at least.”

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