Chinese quarantine expert “Corona peaks again at the end of June… 65 million infections a week”

Recently, Corona 19 is spreading again in China, and observations have been raised that the second pandemic will reach its peak at the end of next month메이저놀이터.

Local Chinese media, such as the Gyemyeon Newspaper, reported that Zhong Nanshan, an expert in quarantine, made this prediction at a bio-pharmaceutical forum held in Guangzhou.

Zhong Nanshan said, “The number of people infected with COVID-19 in China has been gradually increasing since the middle of last month, and according to big data analysis, the number of infected people will peak at 40 million at the end of this month and 65 million at the end of next month.” Observed. Zhong Nanshan said, “1.1 to 1.2 billion people, or 85% of the Chinese population, have been infected with Corona 19, and the antibodies

produced in the body of infected people weaken after 4 to 6 months . Immunity may be weakened.” Considering that Corona 19 spread rapidly in China from December of last year to February of last year, and the XBB mutation has become the dominant species in China, it is an observation that a resurgence of Corona 19 is imminent. ※ ‘Your report becomes news’ 

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