Carrying a 19-month-old child and ‘bang’… A couple in their 20s who earned over 100 million in an intentional car accident 

1. Carrying a 19-month-old child and ‘bang’… Four people in their 20s, including a couple in their 20s who

intentionally caused a car accident and stole insurance money, were handed over to the prosecution. The police arrested Mr. A and sent 3 people메이저사이트, including his wife B and 2 middle school classmates of Mr. A, without detention. From April 2018 to February 2018, they intentionally caused an accident with vehicles violating traffic laws in Gwangju and Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province for 5 years, and then claimed insurance money in the name of settlement money and repair costs, claiming 100 million won from insurance companies 37 times. About 67 million won was ripped off. In particular, it was revealed that Mr. B committed the crime 16 times with her 19-month-old child in her vehicle.

2. ‘SNS Live Streaming’ Suspicion of aiding and abetting a teenage student

‘s extreme choice in relation to the incident in Gangnam, Seoul, where a teenage female student in Gangnam, Seoul broadcasted her extreme choice live on SNS , assisting and instigating this choice (aiding suicide, etc.) ), Mr. Choi (27) was sent to the prosecution without detention. Choi is known to have met with a teenage female student on the 16th of last month to discuss specific suicide plans before committing suicide. As a result of the investigation, Mr. Choi met this student by posting an enticing article on the Internet community site DC Inside’s depression gallery, saying, ‘We are looking for people to choose a theater together’.

3. Perforation for failing to attend several times… Investigation completed with written investigation without forced summons

It is expected that the police investigation into perforation, which is suspected of being involved in the transfer of the presidential residence, will be virtually completed with a written investigation. An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on the 22nd, “(Chun Gong) has been asked to attend dozens of times, but it seems that he has no intention of attending, so we conducted a written investigation earlier this month.” said.

4. Traffic accident while riding an inline kickboard… If you receive

medical treatment due to an accident while riding inline skates or kickboards due to traffic violations, your health insurance coverage will be limited. On the 22nd, the National Health Insurance Corporation said, “If you receive treatment for a traffic accident for violating the 12th major duty while riding inline skating, etc., you are subject to the limitation of benefits under the National Health Insurance Act, and the cost of treatment may be refunded.” I asked for your attention.

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