Cardiac arrest during football match… There was a ‘benefactor’ nearby.

A public official in his 50s who participated in a soccer tournament suddenly collapsed during the game. He had a heart problem and was in an urgent situation every minute and every second, but 119 paramedics appeared in ‘3 minutes’ and saved his life.

This is reporter Cho Seung-hyun.


The man is lying on the floor.

A woman does CPR.

Soon after, a female paramedic takes over her baton.

A male paramedic picks up her bag and goes beside her patient.

It is a ‘defibrillator’ that analyzes the heartbeat and delivers an electric shock.

The accident occurred in the first game of the Civil Service Soccer Tournament held in Yangyang, Gangwon-do yesterday morning메이저놀이터.

57-year-old Lee Mo collapsed unconscious 15 minutes into the game.

However, the ambulance showed up 3 minutes after I reported it.

It happened to be close, 4 km away.

[Kwon Eun-jeong/Paramedic at Yangyang 119 Safety Center, Yangyang Fire Station, Gangwon: There are only 3 ambulances in Yangyang. It would have been too late if he had gone out on another dispatch.]

Mr. Lee, who collapsed, was in ‘ventricular fibrillation’.

His heart beat erratically and couldn’t contract properly, so he couldn’t get his blood through his body.

[Kwon Eun-jeong/Paramedic, Yangyang 119 Safety Center, Yangyang Fire Station, Gangwon: This absolutely requires an electric shock to the heart. It is a situation where CPR alone cannot revive the patient.]

The paramedics gave him a shock from a defibrillator, and his breathing and pulse soon returned.

He was taken to the hospital and is in a life-threatening condition.

[Soccer tournament officials: They have all recovered, but they need to know the cause, so they say they need to get tested a little more… ]

The paramedic said he hoped that this incident would increase interest in defibrillators as well as CPR.

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