‘Captain’ SON leadership admired even by freshmen… “Think of away fans the day before the game, the best leader”

“Son Heung-min made several suggestions to the players as a fan”.

Tottenham drew 2-2 with Brentford in the ‘2023-2024 Premier League Opening Game’ held at G-Tech Community Stadium in London, England at 10:00 pm (Korean time) on the 13th. Tottenham, who are aiming for the Big 4, started the season with a creak, feeling the absence of Kane.

It was Son Heung-min’s first match as captain after the transfer of Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris. Postecoglu’s league debut also attracted attention. However, Son Heung-min played only 75 minutes before being substituted. In the 26th minute of the first half, he showed a disappointing appearance, such as giving Brentford an excuse to tie the penalty.

In the place where Kane was missing, Richarlison took the lead. Son Heung-min, James Madison, and Dejan Kulusevski attacked in the second line. Coincidentally, Tottenham’s defenders scored two goals while the attacking team stopped scoring. Playmaker Madison assisted both goals with sharp passes. Attackers such as Richarlison and Son Heung-min failed to properly fill the void left by Harry Kane.

Postecoglu, who made his Premier League debut, used a new style of tactics based on overwhelming possession. On this day, Tottenham had 69% possession and 19 effective shots. However, the results did not live up to the numbers. Tottenham conceded two goals after Christian Romero scored the opening goal. Emerson scored the equalizer in extra time in the first half. There were many shots, but the goal was scored by the defenders.

Still, Madison’s debut match was impressive. Madison, who was recruited from Leicester City, has emerged as a new option for Tottenham without Kane, showing off his unique kicking power and destructive power in set pieces. Madison, who showed good form by recording two assists in the match against Brenford, first praised Son Heung-min, the ‘captain’, for his leadership and love for the fans in an interview after the match.

Madison, who was appointed as vice-captain to assist Son Heung-min, was full of praise for the new captain. The secret episode he revealed also received great attention. First, he explained in an interview with Tottenham’s official channel about the Brenford match, “Sonny texted me the day before the match and said he wanted to huddle in front of away fans.”스포츠토토

In fact, on this day, Tottenham players were shown hurdles or ceremonies in front of away fans. This appearance is all due to Son Heung-min’s suggestion. It’s easy, but it’s not something everyone does, so Madison strongly mentioned that it was a scene that properly shows how much Son Heung-min cares about his fans.

Madison said, “Son Heung-min suggested we do a huddle in front of the fans to make them feel that they were playing with us. After contacting him in advance, he gathered the players and got them together in front of the away fans.” I am sure that Min’s leadership and love for fans will be highly appreciated.”

Madison, who praised Son Heung-min’s leadership, said, “Fans are really important to us. They help us a lot. I think it’s good if we can repay their love with respect.” If we were able to repay the fans through the hurdles in front of us, it would be the best result,” he smiled.

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