‘Captain’ Kim Seung-dae “I will exceed double digits with one goal or help”

I became the first ‘captain’ in my life. So, in order to win the team goal, I also set specific personal goals. Whether it’s goals or assists, it’s a double-digit achievement.

When asked about his goal for the new season at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the KAL Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 6th, Kim Seung-dae said, “The coach says to score 10 goals-10 assists and 20. There are a lot of things. I think the time has come to be greedy rather than helping. My goal is to go beyond joining the 50-50 club and win a personal title, and as a striker, score double digits with just one goal or assist.” said.

Kim Seung-dae, from Pohang Seonggol Youth, who debuted in the K-League in 2013, has scored double-digit goals only once in a season over the past nine years. He was 10 goals in the 2014 season.

Being captain is a season in which 메이저놀이터 expectations and pressures intersect. Kim Seung-dae said, “I was honestly burdened when coach Kim Ki-dong told me the captain. I thought that even if I wasn’t the captain, I could be a strength to the team because the players thought of me as a comfortable and ‘neighborhood brother’. He said, ‘I have to do it’, so I said, ‘I will do it’.” He added, “When the situation changes, I compare it with the previous one. It is burdensome in such a situation, but I have my own strengths. I will try to use my strengths to help Pohang develop into a good team.”

He said, “I haven’t played much of the role of captain yet. If the season starts or the team situation is good, a big role will come for me to play. If there is something good for my colleagues, I will try to show it one step ahead.”

Regarding the part where he said, “As captain, I will buy a lot of delicious things for my juniors,” he said, “I am also in a position to receive pocket money…” but “If the team’s performance is good and the game I’m looking forward to comes, I will borrow the coach’s power to eat more than a lodging meal.” Shouldn’t we buy something delicious once a month?” he laughed.

Pohang, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, is looking forward to winning the K-League. Kim Seung-dae said, “It is natural that all players think about winning. I have never won a championship with the coach, so winning once seems like a gift. Ulsan and Jeonbuk have been well captured by Pohang. I have missed a lot of games, so if I win points against the mid-lower teams, it will be enough to compete for the title.”

Regarding the head-to-head confrontation with Pohang ace Lee Myung-joo and Shin Jin-ho (above Incheon), “I hope the good seniors go to Incheon and do better. Still, I want to catch them once during the season and show them that even if there are two of them, it is not possible in Pohang. ‘The squad is not everything. “I want to show that,” he said.

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